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Sunday, December 30

30th Dec - Review of 2012

The ultimate linkfest to reviews of the ending year ( I will add links to this later)

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It was a busy year for Wall Street, and the Deal Professor offers his choices for the best and worst deals of 2012.

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In this week's edition of MarketBeat Week, our Friday podcast, the crew analyzed some of the major themes of 2012 that dominated the financial markets.

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A snapshot of 2012 in nine charts

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As 2012 draws to a close, Wonkblog asked our favorite professional wonks — economists, political scientist, politicians and more — to see what graphs and charts they felt did the best job explaining the past year.

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2012 in review: charts of the yearbeyondbrics / FT

A year in charts, as selected by you, the beyondbrics readers. The themes of the year are India, China, GDP and, above all, oil.

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Military, Scientific, and Technological Subjects – Foreign Affairs
Economic, Social, and Environmental Subjects – Foreign Affairs
Political and Legal Subjects – Foreign Affairs

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2012 saw ASEAN making global headlines over the South China Sea, while member nations tackled a host of internal challenges -- some better than others.

As we finish a dark 2012, what will we see in 2013 of The New America?Fabius Maximus

Looking back at 2012 – how accurate were my predictions?Fabius Maximus

Year-end is a time to look back at one’s forecasts, and look forward to what might happen next year.  Today we do the former, looking at the predictions for 2012 made here last December.

Winners and losers of 2012: the beyondbrics emerging markets awardsbeyondbrics / FT
A Year on the BrinkProject Syndicate
Joseph E. Stiglitz: The two main surprises in 2012 were the slowdown in emerging markets, which was slightly sharper and more widespread than anticipated, and Europe’s embrace of some truly remarkable reforms – though still far short of what is needed. Looking to 2013, the biggest global economic risks are there and in the US.

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Crises in Europe and the Middle East still dominate headlines

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And finally …BNY Mellon

We take a light hearted look at end-of-year news flow from the decade past