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Monday, December 17

17th Dec - EU Open: After JP, EU

Now that the Japanese elections are done and the QE-party won, it seems all the major central banks except ECB are on extremely easy. Is ECB playing the role of hard to get on purpose - to push national politicians to the right direction, as in Spain - or are the central bank's hands tied? Who do you call when you want to call Europe, which one is in charge, Germany or ECB? I believe this is the main question that has to be answered in the first quarter. 

Perhaps politically things might become a bit easier for ECB in 2013: when everyone else is printing and targeting low employment instead of inflation, it will become harder and harder for the Europeans to convince themselves that what they do makes sense. Thus, the current policies will be buried in time. As usual, for political reasons the mistakes cannot be admitted so the tens of millions of unemployed have to wait for their 'leaders' to act.

From the policy choices it is obvious that Merkel has known what is going on for the past three years. This is again a good reminder that economy is not for people, but people are for the economy. And political leaders are not for the people - people are for their leaders.  

p.s. I updated the Calendar page.

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