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Monday, March 11

11th Mar - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT
Tomorrow’s Tape – WSJ
Morning Briefing (Asia): Dow Drifts Higher In Lackluster Session – BNY Mellon

A “Politically Explosive” Secret: Italians Are Over Twice As Wealthy As GermansTestosterone Pit

German Civil Servants Get Pay Increase in Excess of InflationMarc to Market
It is not being widely discussed, but we suspect the wage settlement in Germany over the weekend is an important development…Some effort to raise what some economists have called the "hyper-competitive" German unit labor costs, can help reduce the pressure on the debtor countries to bear the sole burden of the adjustment.

Rise of the Eurosceptics in Germany; One in Four Would Vote for Anti-Euro PartyReuters
One in four Germans would be ready to vote in September's federal election for a party that wants to quit the euro, according to an opinion poll published on Monday that highlights German unease over the costs of the euro zone crisis.

Cyprus report 'not enough' to convince German oppositioneuobserver
The German Social-Democrats say one report on anti-money-laundering measures in Cyprus will not be enough to convince them to approve a bailout for the troubled island.

Guide to German Political PartiesSpiegel
Germany's political landscape used to be simple. In recent years, however, the emergence of smaller parties have mixed things up. With Germans preparing to go to the polls this autumn, SPIEGEL ONLINE has assembled a brief guide to the political parties worth watching.

Jean-Claude Juncker Interview: 'The Demons Haven't Been Banished'Spiegel
Luxembourg prime minister and former Euro Group chief Jean-Claude Juncker, 58, urges other EU countries to push ahead with structural reforms, explains why he sees parallels between 2013 and the year preceeding World War I and throws his election support behind Angela Merkel's re-election campaign.

The Ultimate Threat In The Euro Bailout and Austerity Racket: WarTestosterone Pit
There have been waves of threats by Eurozone politicians to bully people into accepting “whatever it takes” to keep the shaky construct of the monetary union glued together. These threats peaked last year with disorderly default, and when that wasn’t enough, with the collapse of the Eurozone. But now, the ultimate threat has been pronounced: war.

Italy Did Not Just Send in The ClownsForeign Affairs
Why The Political Stalemate Is a Warning to Democracies Everywhere

Beppe Grillo’s success is not a rejection of austerity, but a protest against the corruption and inefficiency of the Italian political systemeuropp / LSE

Can we agree that...Free exchange / The Economist
I'll attempt to distill some fiscal policy truths that should be reasonably acceptable to most participants.

Presenting The Currency Crises, Devaluations And Regime Changes Since The Collapse Of The Gold StandardZH