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Sunday, March 3

3rd Mar - Weekender: Off-Topic & Finnish

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Cinema Tarantino: The Making of Pulp FictionVanity Fair
The first independent film to gross more than $200 million, Pulp Fiction was a shot of adrenaline to Hollywood’s heart, reviving John Travolta’s career, making stars of Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman, and turning Bob and Harvey Weinstein into giants. How did Quentin Tarantino, a high-school dropout and former video-store clerk, change the face of modern cinema? Mark Seal takes the director, his producers, and his cast back in time, to 1993.

The ideal of objectivityThe Scientific American
Objectivity is a value – perhaps one of the values that scientists and non-scientists most strongly associate with science. So, it’s worth thinking about how scientists understand that value, some of the challenges in meeting the ideal it sets, and some of the historical journey that was involved in objectivity becoming a central scientific value in the first place.

Sapir-Whorf Economics: Your Language Predicts Your FutureThe Psy-Fi Blog

Poker Is AmericaNYT
Poker tables are pure meritocracies. The pecking order of respect at Charles Town is determined by how good you are at the game. Other players may like you personally, but if you’re a bad player you’re a bad player, and nothing about your status in the outside world makes any difference.

Harvard Economist: Legalizing Drugs Suits Ideal of American Freedom Spiegel
Harvard University professor Jeffrey Miron has advocated the legalization of drugs for decades. He explains why prohibition is more dangerous than selling drugs in supermarkets.

Red White: Why a Founding Father of Postwar Capitalism Spied for the SovietsForeign Affairs
U.S. Treasury official Harry Dexter White is best known as one of the leading architects of the Bretton Woods system that shaped the global economy after World War II. But he was also a spy for the Soviet Union, providing secret information and giving advice on economic issues. Why did he do it? Newly uncovered documents show that this champion of postwar global capitalism was actually a passionate believer in the success of the Soviet experiment with socialism.

The Cacophony of the WorldProject Syndicate
Can something like the Concert of Europe, which produced a century of peace between the Napoleonic Wars and World War I, be globalized? Unfortunately, in today's rapidly fragmenting world, global cacophony seems more probable.

Audio: Revealing the Secrets of Bretton WoodsIMF (mp3)
The 1944 Bretton Woods conference laid the foundations of the modern international monetary system, but little was known about the exact proceedings of that historic gathering, until now. A U.S. treasury economist’s discovery of the original transcript of that meeting provides an insight into the characters and the intense debate surrounding the birth of two major international organizations. - See more at:

Deep-Space Photos: Hubble’s Greatest HitsTIME

How do you find the best mentor for you?bakadesuyo

What Our Brains Can Teach UsNYT

Document shows how much data cops suck up from suspects’ cell phonesarstechnica
Police can gain warrantless access to messages and past locations.

PTT: Oma kiinteä valuutta olisi Suomelle hankalaTalSa
Pellervon taloustutkimus PTT on uudessa tutkimuksessaan selvittänyt Suomen vaihtoehdot eurolle siinä tapauksessa, että euro ei enää olisi olemassa.

Perussuomalaisten tilaustutkimus: Paine liittovaltiokehitykseen lisääntyyHS

PTT ja euroalueen näkymätHenri Myllyniemi / Piksu

On aika sanoa EU:lle hyvästitMatti Kyllönen / US Puheenvuoro

Komissaarin uudet vaatteet – onko niitä?Jan Hurri / TalSa
EU-komissio on omilla toimillaan myöntänyt talouspolitiikkansa virheitä ja haittavaikutuksia. Silti talouskomissaari Olli Rehnin mielestä virheistä ei sovi keskustella julkisesti, ettei "luottamus" vain vaarannu. Sadussa keisari ylpeili uusilla vaatteillaan vaikka oli kelteisillään – minkälaista kangasta ovatkaan komissaarin uudet vaatteet?

Kiina – korruption suurvaltaTimo Poropudas / TalSa
Lahjonta ja korruptio ovat osa jokapäiväistä elämää Kiinassa. Se koskettaa lähes kaikkia elämän alueita. Tuoko Kiinan uuden johdon äänekäs kampanja muutoksen tilanteeseen?