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Wednesday, March 13

13th Mar - US Close

We had a relatively good Feb Retail Sales from US, markets are dull. Booring... Cyprus talk on Friday, FED next week.

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT

Tomorrow’s Tape: Producer Prices, Jobless Claims WSJ
Europe: Italian Stocks/Bonds Dump (And EUR Slump) On Auction Disappointment – ZH
US: Dow Up Nine-In-A-Row On Lowest Volume Day Of Year – ZH
Morning Briefing (Asia): US Data Continues to Surprise to the Upside – BNY Mellon
  The EU may soon be faced with requests for change from an Italian government. What will it say?

European Union: National budgets under Brussels’ supervisionpresseurop
On March 12, the European parliament voted to approve “a restrictive directive that will oblige eurozone member states to present their planned budgets in Brussels, even before they are presented to national parliaments,”

EU Fires Back In Austerity DebateWSJ
European commission economists fired back at their critics in nearly 3,000 eye-glazing words of economics jargon.

Euro Still Waiting for a Reality CheckWSJ
The euro has spent March bouncing around in a narrow range either side of $1.30. But with the economic and political background in the euro-zone still deteriorating, there's little reason to believe it won't get knocked lower again soon.

How the ECB Learned to Love MonetizationWSJ
Has the European Central Bank found a sneaky way to monetize national debt, in spite of the legal restrictions placed on it by its charter?

Britain’s fiscal failure Felix Salmon / Reuters
Never mind Sachs vs Krugman: by far the most interesting and important fiscal-policy debate right now is Cameron vs Wolf.

Cyprus: ‘European bailout without the IMF for Cypruspresseurop

Why Cyprus Matters – Macro and Markets CFR

Russia’s Cyprus problembeyondbrics / FT

Is Spain using accounting tricks?Open Europe
El País suggests that the Spanish government could have decided to delay various tax refunds due in December 2012 and pay them in January 2013 instead, in order to close the year with a lower deficit figure.

No, printing money won't solve the United States's debt problemWonkblog / WP

The Fed’s balance sheet and an expert commentary problemalphaville / FT

For the Fed, a healthy fear of déjà vuMacroScope / Reuters

Increased 1.1% – Calculated Risk
Way up. Maybe this economy is stronger than we thought. – Wonkblog / WP
The Strongest Gain In 5 Months – The Capital Spectator
Rise More Than Expected As Actual Sales Post First Decline In Three Years – ZH

What the Options Market is Telling Us about the Spot MarketMarc to Market

The G-7, the G-20 and Exchange RatesEconoMonitor
For those interested in policy coordination and exchange rate policy, last week was both entertaining and informative.

Tällainen järjestö tutkii Kyprosta: "Maan valvonta on Euroopan eliittiä"TalSa
Moneyvalin puheenjohtajana toimii Vladimir Nechaev, joka tunnetaan myös entisenä Venäjän varapääministerinä vuosilta 2009-1012.

Löysä Hesari, tiukka Jutta, paha KyprosJuhani Huopainen / US Puheenvuoro