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Monday, March 11

11th Mar - US Open: Dull

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Roundups & Commentary
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The latest developments in Italy

British minister: UK might quit European rights courteuobserver
British interior minister Theresa May has said the UK should consider leaving the court of human rights in Strasbourg for the sake of national security.

Monetary stimulus not enough to fix UK economic woesThe A-list / FT
Stephen King: David Cameron and the UK’s Office for Budget Responsibility may have their differences of opinion on the negative impact of fiscal austerity but at least they appear to see eye-to-eye on the effects of monetary policy.

Is the Netherlands heading for a referendum on Europe?Open Europe
A Dutch citizens' campaign to make it mandatory to hold a referendum on any new transfer of powers to the EU - reminiscent of the UK's referendum lock - has mustered 40,000 signatures, the threshold needed to force Dutch MP's to debate the issue and decide whether they agree with the proposal or not.

Europe still has 'sleeping war demons'euobserver
Former Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker has warned of "sleeping war demons" in Europe and compared the current situation to the year before the outbreak of the first world war, when everybody took peace for granted.

EU elections to be held in May next yeareuobserver
EU countries have opted to change the date of the EU elections next year in order to increase turnout.

U.S. S&P REITs: More DownsideBCA Research

Yes, We’re Confident, but Who Knows WhyNYT
Robert J. Shiller: The recovery in housing, the stock market and the overall economy has finally gained sustainable momentum — or so it is said.

China: investment still comes firstbeyondbrics / FT
China’s economy has started 2013 with an unexpected slowdown in manufacturing growth and a surprise surge in inflation, according to data published over the weekend.

Give in to the Dark SideHumble Student
Stocks have continued to move higher. I continue to be concerned about this advance.

Blogs review: The stock market recoverybruegel

FX Comment: The new (old) normal?Nordea
History rhymes, but doesn't repeat. Is USD king again? Not so fast.

Key Macro Events And Issues In The Week AheadZH
by Goldman Sachs

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