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Tuesday, March 12

12th Mar - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT

Tomorrow’s Tape: Retail Sales, Import Prices – WSJ
European Summary – ZH
US: "Psychologically, We Closed Positive" – ZH
Morning Briefing (Asia): – BNY Mellon

The Eurobeatings Will ContinueKrugman / NYT
Mario Draghi’s actions, by stabilizing markets and bringing down spreads, bought Europe quite a lot of time; Europe is determined to waste all of it.

When economists attack: Krugman vs Rehn, Part 3Brussels blog / FT

Will the German Social Democracts come out in favour of debt pooling in the eurozone?Open Europe

The Return of the Tobin Tax?PIIE
Algirdas Semeta, EU Commissioner for Taxation, recently toured Washington touting the decision by eleven of the 17 members of the euro area to adopt a common financial transactions tax (FTT).

Is the UK Going where Japan Didn't Dare?Marc to Market
Threats by Japan's Prime Minster Abe to changed the BOJ's charter faced broad criticism for threatening the independence of the central bank. Some officials reacted more strongly to this than to the bilateral exchange rate targets some officials were suggesting.

Time to Buy the PoundThe Source / WSJ

When Is A Promise Not A Promise?A Fistful of Euros
Mario Draghi is proving to be a man of his word. He said he would do whatever he needed to do to hold the Euro together, and – so far so good – he has…Last Thursday he openly and publicly turned a blind eye to a blatant example of monetary financing

German Central Bank Profits From ECB Bond BuyingWSJ

An Offer You Cannot Refuse; EU Passes Law Forcing Countries to Take Bailout; Is Spain the First Target?Mish’s

Spain’s Opportunistic Bond AuctionWSJ

Making the truth illegalGolem XIV
For the last couple of months I have been working on a long story on Cyprus, Money laundering and the Magnitsky case

Small though it is, Cyprus is emblematic of this current debt crisis.

361 Capital Weekly Research BriefingThe Reformed Broker

Fallible beingsButtonwood / The Economist

As Australia’s Economy Cools, Will Voters Seek a Change?The Diplomat
Australia may be set for a record 22nd straight year of economic expansion, but it will not save the federal budget or Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s job.

China housing bubble will pop in second half of 2013MacroScope / Reuters
Overview of Hot Spots in Emerging MarketsMarc to Market