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Friday, March 22

22nd Mar - US Open

Let’s see if this will be “a weekend to remember”… The Special: Bailout of Cyprus has been updated.

Quote of the Day: Five Minute Macro ‏@5_min_macro: “Cyprus is the equity tranche of Greece.”
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Roundups & Commentary
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Daily press summary – Open Europe

Morning MarketBeat: Markets Learning to Speak European Again – WSJ
The Week Began with a Bang and Ending with a Whimper – Marc to Market
Morning Briefing (EU/US): The options facing CyprusBNY Mellon

Growth slows in Germany, says IfoTradingFloor
Mads Koefoed: The German Ifo business climate index declined to 106.7 in March. The decline was mostly due to lower expectations, no doubt affected by the increased uncertainty in the Euro area fuelled by Cyprus and the Italian elections.

Wealthy Germany – and even more wealthy Italy and SpainNordea
Private households in Spain and Italy are much more wealthy than German households. This is one of the results of a study that the Bundesbank published yesterday

Beppe Grillo demands Five-Star Movement government and euro referendumOpen Europe

EU anti-fraud office accused of cover-up in Dalli affaireuobserver
The EU anti-fraud office, Olaf, has been accused of telling a key witness in the "Dalligate" affair to lie and of illegally listening in on people's phones.

Is Slovenia the next shoe to drop?MacroScope / Reuters
The Cypriot saga has thrown the spotlight on Slovenia, which is also a small euro zone country struggling with an over-burdened banking sector.

Finnish economy - Business-positive budgetDanske Bank (pdf)

France begins to look like a peripheral countryDanske Bank (pdf)

Quitting the QuotaProject Syndicate
Rather than rely on unsustainable quotas to curb exorbitant demand for property and cheap credit, China’s leaders must address its root cause – the low cost of capital. This will require China to raise interest rates to market-clearing levels, while maintaining some capital-account control.

Great Graphic: US-Euro Area Industrial ProductionMarc to Market