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Tuesday, March 12

12th Mar - US Open: Shifting tone in Europe

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Roundups & Commentary
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  SPD election manifesto: Mutualisation of eurozone debt must not remain a taboo

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Europe’s Accounting Rules Are Destroying Its BanksView / BB
The European Commission officials were sufficiently worried by the U.K. investors’ charge -- namely that because of EU accounting rules, banks may have systematically overstated their assets and distributed nonexistent profits as dividends and bonuses -- that they said they would open an inquiry. Last week, the board that administers the rules put forward its own proposals. These are likely to perpetuate, not fix, the problem.

Banks saved, but Europe risks "losing a generation"Reuters
Europe has spent hundreds of billions of euros rescuing its banks but may have lost an entire generation of young people in the process, the president of the European Parliament said.

Germany still shaken by euro zone crisis: WeidmannReuters
Germany's economy is still shaken by the euro zone crisis and the bloc's woes pose the biggest risk to the outlook, Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann said on Tuesday, adding growth should pick up later this year.

Bundesbank Almost Doubles Risk Provisions on ECB MeasuresBB
Germany’s Bundesbank almost doubled its risk provisions in 2012, citing increased potential for losses stemming from the ECB’s monetary policy.

Some more signs of financial market fragmentation in the eurozone?Open Europe
The European Repo Council of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) released its bi-annual assessment of the European repo markets today.

Beppe Grillo, the Five-Star Movement and the euro enigma: Episode 2,478Open Europe

Chart of the week: Is external adjustment working in the euro area?bruegel
If the euro area does not or cannot move to permanent current account surplus, then Germany should make a net contribution to demand by increasing imports more than exports. Given the demand deficiency in the euro area, there is a clear case for strengthening demand in Germany.

China banks: back into the lightbeyondbrics / FT
Regulators have been turning the screws on some of the dodgiest practices in shadow banking at the same time as customers have grown more aware of the risks. These twin developments won’t spell the end of Chinese shadow banking – but they could well spell the end of its torrid rise.

Peak Oil Is Almost Here and There’s No Magic To Counter ItAll About Alpha
Interview with Dave Summers

Tehdyn työtunnin kustannus nousi loka - joulukuussa 4,3 prosenttiaTilastokeskus

Kemianteollisuus viennin ainoa kasvualaEK

EU:n virkamiesten pitäisi kertoa totuus taloudestaVieraskynä / HS
Tuoreiden kasvulukujen valossa on selvää, että säästötoimet ovat heikentäneet euroalueen taloutta. EU-komissaarit myötäilevät kuitenkin isoja jäsenmaita turvatakseen oman urakehityksensä.

Talousvaivat eivät nosta äärioikeistoaPääkirjoitus / HS
Euroopan velkakriisi ja kriisimailta vaaditut säästöt myllertävät eurooppalaista politiikkaa. Historiatietoinen odotti jonkinlaista 1930-luvun paluuta ääriliikkeineen. Sitä ei ole tullut: on tullut pellejä, populisteja, vakaviakin vaihtoehtoja ja sortumia vanhoihin valtarakenteisiin.

Onko politiikka pelkästään pelleilyä?Henri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro

Politiikan seuraamuksia ItaliassaHenri Myllyniemi / piksu