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Tuesday, June 17

17th Jun - Waiting for FED

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Eurozone mired in recession
CEPR Business Cycle Dating Committee, 17 June 2014: The simplest business cycle dating algorithm declares recessions over after two consecutive quarters of positive GDP growth. By that metric, the Eurozone recession has been over since 2013Q1. This column argues that growth and improvements in the labour market have been so anaemic that it is too early to call the end of the Eurozone recession. Indeed, if this is what an expansion looks like, then the state of the Eurozone economy might be even worse than economists feared.

Euro-Zone Economy May Still Be in Recession — Think TankWSJ
While officials hope the euro-zone economy is on the road to recovery, a committee of economists says otherwise.

Why the euro crisis still isn’t over, in 1 chartWaPo
Europe's strategy has been self-defeating. It's made countries try to cut their public debt and private debt and wages all at the same time. That's impossible.

Four Dimensions of the FOMC MeetingMarc to Market

Economists: Take Fed ‘Dot Plots’ With a Big Grain Of SaltWSJ

5 Things to Watch For at the Fed Meeting WednesdayWSJ

Fed’s Brainard and the Case of the Missing DotWSJ

Watching the Fed's body language on growth and inflationHumble Student

Fed: Not Very Good at Forward GuidanceThe Big Picture

Fed disagrees on what to do next–and it hasn’t even gotten to interest rates yetWaPo

May Inflation Rises to Fed Target Rangedshort
Inflation Measures Increase,  still mostly below the Fed Target in MayCalculated Risk

The BoJ's balance sheet is about to go parabolicSober Look
The central bank's already bloated balance sheet will go "parabolic" in order to get back on track with the much publicized inflation target of 2%. The success if Abenomics depends on it.

Central Banks Daily WSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Fed Taking Up Unfinished Business on Exit Strategy * Fischer, Brainard and Powell in Place at Fed * BOE Has Options To Cool U.K.’s Housing Boom * Polish Authorities Dismiss Claims of Criminal Wrongdoing * Will the BOC Downgrade Its 2014 Forecast?

Emerging Markets Briefer - June 2014Danske Bank

Five ways with valuationFT

Ikäviä uutisia ja ennusteitaHenri Myllyniemi / US