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Tuesday, June 24

24th June - Random Charts

Both China and Japan back above water - Europe disappointed, but follows Asia later. France in stagnation, and will not follow Asia.

The rift between France and Germany is growing again.

First reaction negative, but that has changed already.

AUDJPY tells risk appetite is good, so DAX breakout higher comes sooner or later.

EURUSD uptrend reversal, now bouncing in a range

German sentiment hits six-month lows. Note that expectations have been hurt more than the current situation, so no real damage yet. Up next positive expectations and moderate current conditions?

Industrial production and Ifo go hand in hand. First quarter's weakness will hurt production growth for some time now. But future will be better, if things go as I said above.

Construction going through a seasonal soft patch, and manufacturing weak due to Asia and US. Both of these two will change soon.