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Sunday, August 3

3rd Aug - W/E: Markets & Economics

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Swiss Bank Accounts: Not So Secret AnymoreBB
Swiss Banks Turn On, Tune In, Drop OutWSJ
More than 100 Swiss banks initially signed up for a U.S. Justice Department program designed to unearth hidden American accounts and exact penalties. But it’s an open question how many will remain by the time a key deadline hits later this week.

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Global Equities OutlookThe Short Side of Long
According to Merrill Lynch, funds are “all-in” chasing equities * Global indices are currently not as correlated as one might think

The Illustrated Guide To 20 Years Of Latin American Debt CrisesZH

Lowflation? LOL. Try again!The Money Illusion
Inflation, interest rates, income inequality—the “i-words” don’t matter.  NGDP, nominal wages, consumption are what matter.

Jackson Hole Will Signal Hawkish Tone for Financial MarketsEconmatters

Meet FRED, every wonk’s secret weaponWaPo

The Gold Standard Was an Accident of HistoryMacro and Other Market Musings

When is helicopter money optimal?Worthwhile

What are academics good for?Mainly Macro
What is the point in having academic research if it is ignored