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Sunday, August 3

3rd Aug - W/E: The World

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No eurozone mysteryThe Money Illusion
The only mystery is why the Europeans are confused about why the euro has failed.

Falling Wages in Southern EU Vex Draghi as Youth PunishedBB

The Exceptional Central BankThe Economist
The European Central Bank should adopt quantitative easing now rather than as a last resort

Alarm Bells Ringing: Behind The Smoke And Mirrors Of The European Banking SystemZH

For curvy cannons and extra sleepThe Economist
The election of a satirical party to the European Parliament speaks volumes

Portuguese Bonds Drop With Italy’s as Global Turmoil Halts RallyBB

Cleaning Up the EspĂ­rito Santo MessWSJ

Exodus: Why Europe's Jews Are Fleeing Once AgainNewsweek

CPI Inflation unexpectedly decreases – Handelsbanken
CPI inflation down, but core inflation stable * ECB not to react to the softer inflation

Russia: new sanctions raise questions of RUB and economy perspectivesNordea
The EU followed US and has imposed new sanctions targeting Russia’s financial, energy and defense sectors. This is so called third round of sanctions which is harsher than previous two. Economically these sanctions will hurt both Russia and to some extent EU. However, again, not the sanctions by itself but rather expectations of further worsening of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will continue to weight on the Russian economy and the Rouble.

Sanctions Exacerbate Russia’s Economic Challenges, Liquidity Crisis UnlikelyMoody’s
While the latest raft of US and EU sanctions on Russia will significantly constrain access to foreign financial markets, they will not produce an immediate liquidity crisis because most debt issuers have sufficient cash and financial assets. However, the sanctions will amplify the gradual decline in the country's growth potential, which could lead to an erosion of creditworthiness across sectors

Stopping Putin: The Time Has Come for Europe to ActSpiegel

Fairy Tales and Fabrications in Eastern UkraineSpiegel
There's an eerie silence at the MH 17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, even as a civil war and propaganda battles rage around it. Few here seem concerned that the investigation into the tragedy could influence future ties with Europe.

In Putin’s Russia, risk prices youFT
(Excellent article from 17-March-2014)

Sanctions on Russia: This is going to hurtThe Economist
The cost of Vladimir Putin’s gamble in Ukraine is going up, but he shows no sign of changing course

Republicans: Paul Ryan's Critics Miss the Big PictureBB

The little-known FRED charts that reveal the state of the U.S. economyWaPo

Large Bank Holding Companies: Expectations of Government Support – GAO
Banks Aren't Too Big to Fail Unless They Fail – BB
Too-Big-to-Fail Is Still Too Dangerous – BB

The Communist Roots of China's Capitalist CorruptionBB