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Sunday, May 22

22nd May - G7 done, Greece ahead

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The Safeguarding the euro as a currency beyond the stateECB
To safeguard the euro as a currency beyond the state, euro area countries should consider pooling their national sovereignty over a wider range of EMU-related policy areas, as necessary to achieve more effective risk control and more efficient risk sharing.

Accommodative European policy mix helps offset political upheavalPictet
Against the backdrop of a charged political climate, greater flexibility on debt and deficit rules plus ECB largesse are helping national economies

IMF’s Greek debt options: what do they all mean?FT

The Game over Greece – nobody wins, everybody losesTF
Understanding the mismanagement of the crisis in Greece becomes easier to understand when it is viewed as a game. The game has participants, rules and scheduled events. The preferred solution is muddle-through, and we will get that for years to come.

Greece’s creditors eye IMF debt dealFT
Greece’s international creditors are discussing a plan to drastically scale back the International Monetary Fund’s exposure to the country, potentially through an EU buyout of up to €14bn in IMF bailout loans.

Greece Braces for More Austerity Amid EU-IMF Quarrel About Debt BB
PM Tsipras faces parliamentary test in belt-tightening vote * Creditors at loggerheads over debt-relief measures needed

Brexit Monitor No. 4 – Danske Bank
Economists are losers so ignore them on Brexit – Simon Wren-Lewis
U.K. House Prices Could Drop 18% After Brexit, Treasury Says – BB
France Warns U.K. on ‘Illusion’ of Keeping Advantages Outside EU – BB

Word From the Minutes That Tempers Rate Hike Expectations – BB
These Dates Will Be Crucial as the Fed Nears a Possible June Hike – BB

Stephen King: Can the G7 rekindle the flame of co-operation? – FT
Finance Chiefs Unanimous in Denouncing Brexit as Wrong Choice – BB
G-7 Warns on Weak Global Growth as Japan Bristles Over Yen – BB
Japan, U.S. Discord on Yen’s Surge Resurface at G-7 Meeting – BB
U.S., Japan disagreement on yen moves overshadows G7 meeting – Reuters
G7 finance leaders debate global economy, risks – Reuters
G7 united against Brexit but can only hope for an 'In' vote – Reuters

China Watch – Digging into the debt dynamicsABN AMRO
April’s set of macro economic data weaker than in March. Still, we have seen signs of macro economic stabilisation in recent months. Stimulus filters through, resulting in a rebound of the real-estate sector. Credit growth still outpacing nominal GDP growth. Rising debt level is a key risk, though mainly a domestic, longer-term issue. Policy focus shifts back to structural issues, but no radical changes expected.

Global Economic Forecasts 20 May 2016 ABN AMRO