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Tuesday, May 31

31st May - Mediocre European data

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EU chief Tusk slams utopian 'illusions' of united Europe Reuters
Donald Tusk calls on EPP to fight ‘radical and brutal’ populismPolitico

Greece's Primary Surplus Klaus Kastner

Brexit Referendum Hub Open Europe

How QE Is Widening Eurozone ImbalancesWSJ
Target2 claims between central banks are on the up again

Monetary developments in the euro area: April 2016 ECB

Euro area: Inflation still negative and loan growth still at a snail’s paceNordea
Inflation increased just a little bit in May as expected. Unemployment continued to decrease and the growth of loans to non-financial corporations is still anemic. All this will not come as a surprise to the ECB ahead of the policy meeting on Thursday which will most likely be a wait-and-see meeting.

These Are The Key Event Risks In JuneZH

Negative talk about whether negative rates really work on the riseReuters
Noah Smith: There's Little Positive About Negative RatesBB

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Positive Asian markets; Euro govies sold off after Yellen’s Friday speech; USD/CNY close to January highs * Most important today: Euro-area inflation and Chinese PMI (during the night) *Light activity with the US and the UK off yesterday * JPY concludes May with a 4% weakening

Morning MarketsTF
There was an upbeat mood on equity markets across much of Asia. In China hopes that China A-share listings would soon be included in the MSCI prompted an equities rally.

Euro wrap-up Daiwa

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Sterling Slips and Aussie Pops as Investors Await Fresh Insight into Fed Trajectory

Daily Market CommentMacro Man

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
New poll suggests Leave benefiting from focusing on migration, amid concerns many Labour voters are not aware that the party backs continued EU membership * Rescue of 18 Albanians fuels fears English Channel may become new migrant smuggling route * Survey of economists finds large degree of consensus on short term negative impact of leaving the EU and single market * France braces itself for more strikes over labour reform bill, but trade unions soften tone * Tusk: We failed to notice that ordinary people do not share our euro-enthusiasm * Disbursement of Greek bailout funds could face further delays * Poland’s ruling party steps up rhetoric in rule of law dispute with European Commission * Merkel’s Grand Coalition polling below 50% for the first time

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Slavery in Europe rising — Tusk’s modest proposal

Futures Flat, Gold Rises On Weaker Dollar As Traders Focus On OPEC, Payrolls


FX UpdateTF

From the FloorTF
With risk-on sentiment sweeping across Asia, equity markets could be "ready to rip", if the US comes back from its three-day Memorial Day weekend in a good mood, says Saxo Bank's Kay Van-Petersen. In the FX markets, the Australian dollar jumped on better-than-expected data from the building sector.

Öljyä euroalueen hintoihin * Ruotsin talous kasvoi odotusten mukaisesti * Norjan vähittäismyynti polki paikoillaan *​ Kiinan teollisuuden ostopäällikköindeksit julkaistaan ensi yönä

Korot ja saksalaiset sekä italialaiset kotitaloudetRoger Wessman

Valtiontukien arviointikriteerit mielivaltaisia, valheellisia lukujaSuomen Uutiset

Professori: suomalainen työelämä täynnä bullshittiäPuhuttamo

Ravintola-ala opettaa yhteiskuntaa keikkatalouteenViisi Tähteä