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Tuesday, June 14

14th Jun - German 10-year bond yield negative

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Survey shines light on divided Europe – FT

Judges ‘pray’ for cases as European court expands – Politico

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How to avoid BrexitSimon Wren-Lewis

ECB starts corporate QE with a bangABN AMRO

In leaked cables, Berlin calls Erdoğan’s bluff on refugees – Politico
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What Next for European Migration Policy? Part 2 – PIIE
Editorial: Europe Can't Outsource Its Migrant Crisis – View / BB

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Perspectives June 2016Pictet

Danske Daily – Danske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

Another risk-off day as Brexit risks loom; volatile GBP; Fed’s Dec hike now priced out * US retail sales, UK and Swedish inflation today * GBP volatile – data to help * December Fed hike chance below 50%

Morning MarketsTF
Uncertainty over how a Brexit would impact the world's top trading bloc has become global. It is now even weighing on sentiment in Asian equity markets. Its impact is clear in forex markets as well, with the yen riding high against the euro on Brexit concerns.

Euro wrap-up Daiwa

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Capital Markets Remain at UK Referendum's Mercy

Daily Market Comment Macro Man
Brexit pricing precedents: an empirical study

Daily ShotTF
The Chinese economic data show the effect of the country's far-reaching stimulus measures as the government struggles to achieve its targets.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Polls swing to Leave as The Sun calls on readers to back Brexit * UK scores big win as ECJ says ‘right to reside’ test for EU migrants is “justified” by need to protect public finances * ‘Wohlgemuth: the EU can survive a Brexit, but it would become a considerably different Union * New poll finds Europeans say countries should focus on their own problems * New Eurostat figures: Almost 800,000 non-EU nationals received EU citizenship in 2014 * Dutch PM: “I’m totally against referenda” * Greek central banker calls for more realistic bailout targets * Eurogroup heads warns that national deficits need to be better monitored * ECB starts corporate debt buying programme with larger-than-expected purchase

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Soaring Brexit Fears Spark Global Flight To Safety, Send 10 Year Bunds Tumbling Below 0%


FX UpdateTF
Risk off and Brexit fear and loathing remain the theme until next week’s vote even with four major central bank meetings over the next couple of days. Japan’s Finance Ministry warns over JPY strength.

From the FloorTF
The influential Sun newspaper has called on its readership to vote for a Brexit on June 23. While it might no longer wield the power in its glory days of the 1980s it is still a highly significant coup for the 'Leave' camp.

Noususuhdanne ei kuole vanhuuteen * USA:n vähittäismyynnistä tänään lisävahvistusta talouden vireen säilymiseen * Britannian inflaation odotetaan hieman nousevan *​ Ruotsin inflaation odotetaan vaimenevan toukokuussa