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Thursday, June 23

23rd Jun - Britain votes

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EU border force, coast guard moves toward reality Politico
Guards could be deployed to a frontline state, such as Italy or Greece, even if authorities reject it.

The EU and Turkey: Unvarnished Truth and Stuffing Marc Chandler

Spanish Minister Under Pressure as Leak Suggests Smear CampaignBB
Interior minister recorded asking for evidence against rivals * Country holds general election on Sunday with voters divided

The effectiveness of the European Central Bank’s Asset Purchase ProgrammeBruegel
Since the end of 2014, inflation has been at or very close to zero. With very little ability to move the actual interest rate further into negative territory, the ECB has resorted to unconventional measures. The latest of these includes a programme to purchase corporate bonds, which started on 8 June 2016.

Editorial: Europe's Other Historic Referendum View / BB
Italy’s October referendum on constitutional change

Euro zone business growth slows in June as services struggle – Reuters
Euro area: Flash PMIs pointing to a moderate growth – Nordea

In or Out? Britain’s newspapers declare their positions – Politico
Sorry and good riddance: How Europe will greet Brexit – Politico
7 signs that Brexit is really happening – Politico
Rain, private polls the last Brexit question marks – TF
Bookie Odds For Brexit Tumble To 17% In Last Minute "Betting Frenzy" – ZH
On Brexit Day, the Pound Has Already Cast Its Vote for ‘Remain’ – WSJ
Bremain Bounce Fades As "Biblical" Flooding Disrupts Vote – ZH
No One to Trust: the Anger That Connects Brexit, Trump, Le Pen – BB
Brexit or no, Europe's 'realists' to contain 'utopians' – Reuters

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

Countdown to Brexit vote * Brexit polls still point to neck-and-neck race at today’s EU referendum * GBP/USD at year-to-date high * NOK has more upside than SEK

Morning MarketsTF
Unless you've been living off the grid without access to news for months you know that the big day has finally arrived for the UK to vote on EU membership. Overnight sterling raced higher to a year-to-date record on growing Bremain hopes.

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
R-Day is Here, but Can it Prove Anti-Climactic?

Daily Market CommentMacro Man
Trading the Brexit vote

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Germany said to push for further EU reform irrespective of referendum outcome, as Hollande warns Brexit would be “irreversible” * Bild makes creative effort to convince Brits to vote ‘Remain’ * Erdoğan says Turkey might hold referendum on whether to continue negotiations with EU * Brexit would increase Germany’s gross EU budget contribution by €2.5bn per year, new research shows * ECB allows Greek bonds to be used as collateral again, reducing funding costs for Greek banks * CityUK draws up draft contingency plans to protect the City in the event of Brexit * S&P warns UK would lose AAA credit rating in the event of Brexit

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
The battle for Britain — The new Trump

Voting Begin: Stocks Surge, Sterling Hits 2016 Highs, Futures Flirt With 2100


FX UpdateTF
We’re finally near the end of the road with the UK referendum vote taking place today and a market confidently predicting a victory for the Remain side. But we’re not at the end of the road for Europe’s existential crisis regardless of the outcome.

From the FloorTF
The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived and now it's up to the UK to decide whether it is in — or out.

Britannia äänestää - emme usko Brexitiin * Norjan keskuspankki pitää tänään korot ennallaan * USA:n teollisuuden ostopäällikköindeksi (PMI) julkaistaan tänään *​ Yellen jatkoi eilen tutulla linjalla

Suomi voi edelleen kiristää turvapaikkapolitiikkaansa Suomen Uutiset

Ministeri perusteli kiekkohallin jättitukea höttöluvuilla – tilaustyö konsulteiltaYLE