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Thursday, June 9

9th Jun: EURUSD dips hard

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Saxo on Brexit: Strategy, dexterity and Britain's D-dayTF

Deutsche Bank on ECB: Warns Of Social Unrest, Another Great DepressionZH

France’s plan for a bloody BrexitPolitico
If the U.K. votes to leave on June 23, Paris will push to ensure that consequences are felt swiftly and severely to avoid emboldening anti-EU forces elsewhere in the bloc, senior EU diplomatic sources said

Goldman: The "Yellen Call" Is Back, Limits Market UpsideZH

Kocherlakota: Negative Interest Rates Are Nothing to FearView / BB

Textbook defying global dollar shortagesFT

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

Oil rocks on, USD hit hard as Bund fights gravity, new financial forecasts * Bund yield bounces from all-time lows * USD sell off continues as oil rises toward USD 53/bbl * New financial forecasts

Morning Markets TF
Markets are set to open on a downbeat note across Europe following a weak Asian session that saw Japanese equities suffer a sharp fall as disappointing machine orders weighed on investor sentiment.

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Greenback is Mostly Firmer, but Yen is Firmer Still

Daily ShotTF
From Brazil to Poland to South Africa emerging market currencies and stock markets are ripping higher. But behind the happy headlines problems including high inflation and declining growth continue to plague these economies.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Osborne dismisses ‘project fear’ accusation warning “there is a lot to be scared of” outside the EU * Citigroup says it will have to “rebalance operations across the EU” in the event of Brexit * Draghi reiterates his call for further reform and integration in the Eurozone * Dutch government think tank sees Brexit costing the Netherlands 1.2% of GDP by 2030 * Prime Ministers of V4 countries: EU better equipped to face its “many daunting challenges” if UK remains a member * Increasing support for EU Referendum amongst Danes * New poll shows majority of Londoners back continued EU membership * MPs expected to approve emergency legislation to extend EU referendum deadline * RICS poll suggests short-term dip to UK house prices with referendum uncertainty seen as one factor * Eurozone close to agreeing disbursement of bailout funds for Greece * Berlin finds talk about extending Juncker investment plan “irritating”

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Futures Slide On Rising Dollar As Global Bond Yields Hit Fresh Record Lows


From the FloorTF
Today's Asian session saw equities fade as the JPY and more notably the NZD gained ground. The commodities rally also continues apace with precious metals leading the charge.

Venäjän keskuspankki palaa kevennyslinjalle * Kiinan inflaatio vaimeni *​ EKP:n pääjohtaja Draghi puhuu Brysselin talousfoorumissa *​ Saksan viennin ennakoidaan laskevan

Talousvaliokunnassa pohdittiin Suomen euroeroa Suomen uutiset
Eduskunnan talousvaliokuntassa puitiin keskiviikkona kansalaisaloitetta, joka peräänkuuluttaa kansanäänestystä Suomen eurojäsenyydestä. Jäsenyyteen kriittisesti suhtautuva, Suomen Pankista eläkkeelle jäänyt VTT Heikki Koskenkylä painotti omassa valiokunnalle antamassaan lausunnossa euromaiden uudistuskyvyttömyyttä mutta totesi myös, ettei maan talouden ongelmia voida ratkaista pelkällä valuutan vaihdoksella.  

Paavo Väyrynen: Näin euroero olisi parasta toteuttaaVerkkouutiset