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Monday, July 16

16th Jul - US Close: IMF "bad cops" ECB

A boring day: EURUSD jumping on QE-hope, US stock unchanged, everyone waiting for Bernanke’s testimony, more earnings results and the next European meeting. IMF’s reports are probably today’s most important new piece, as what the IMF thinks, the leaders will eat, courtesy of the “men behind the curtains”, who feed the leaders. The suggestions are pretty clear: Spanish banks must be recapped, and no more subordination from “bail-outs” is needed. ECB must ease its monetary policy by any means. We know Germany will not like this, and as Germany’s constitutional court decided to push its decision on ESM to mid-September, there are no other choices but the ECB. Next policy-setting  meeting will be on 2-Aug, just over two weeks from now. What will happen before that? And more importantly, what will happen then?

Markets: S&P should technically push upwards, but today’s action was lame. The lousy retail sales figures really should ensure some sort of dove-speak from Bernanke. EURUSD is range-trading higher, and we will probably see 1.24 soon.
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