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Tuesday, July 3

3rd Jul - US Open: Quiet

It will be a very light-volume, meaningless day today, ahead of the US independence day tomorrow. Only ECB's meeting and the expected rate cut and possible but unexpected other measures will be of interest this week.

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Betting odds on euro breakup and sovereign defaultsIntrade

Italian lessons for the eurozoneThe World / FT
Italy cannot prevent regional differences from getting bigger and bigger, how on earth will a central fiscal authority and economic policy makers do so for the euro area?

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Manufacturing Turns SouthTim Duy’s Fed Watch
(Yesterday’s) ISM manufacturing report revealed clear signals of global weakness.  Does it point to an impending US recession?  Not necessarily.  Does it point to additional Fed easing?  Also not necessarily.  In short, I don't think this data is yet sending a particularly clear signal about the US economy. 

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Morgan Stanley’s 106-page giant (free registration required).

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