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Friday, July 20

20th Jul - US Open: One Year

One year.

844 posts.

My very first post Jul-20-2011

Thank you.

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By the way, again a very nice view from me in the morning.

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Barclays: Of all the proposals, we find the ESM gaining a banking licence and leveraging itself at the ECB to be the most practical solution, especially in reaction to an acute funding crisis. However, legal considerations could prevent this from happening in the near term.

A no-further-bailouts
Solving the EZ crisis will almost certainly involve some financial transfers in exchange for some loss of sovereignty. This column suggests a guiding principle for which policies should be under EZ control. Transfers of authority to supranational bodies must make a no-further-bailout clause credible.

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UBS: At first sight, this should boost output, but the exchange rate response is simply part of the bigger, well-known picture of economic stress in the common currency region.

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