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Saturday, January 11

11th Jan - Special: US December Employment Report

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December employment report – BLS

Job growth falls far short – Reuters
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Why so bad? Blame health care, accountants and, uh, the performing arts – WaPo
Why are people dropping out of the workforce? – WaPo
Payrolls: +74,000, and unemployment rate at 6.7% - alphaville / FT

Job market hit by cold weather in December, positive outlook for 2014 – Nordea
Payrolls much weaker than expected, but weather related – Handelsbanken
Bad weather wreaks havoc on US employment report – TradingFloor
Goldman Sachs: Weak Job Report But Fed Still Tapers Another $10 Billion In January – ZH

Only 74K Jobs Added, Huge Miss To Expectations Of 197K: Weather Blamed – ZH
People Not In Labor Force To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate To 1978 Levels – ZH
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Real Unemployment Rate Of 11.5% Means Difference To Reported Rises To Record – ZH
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