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Saturday, January 25

24th Jan - Emerging Market Blues

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BOE’s Carney Suggests Falling Unemployment Doesn’t Mean Rates Will RiseWSJ
Carney said the U.K. central bank will look at a broad range of economic factors when assessing the need for higher interest rates, a sign that officials may be preparing to play down the link between BOE policy and falling unemployment.

Beecroft: The deflation reality in EuropeTradingFloor
The OECD says there's a deflation risk in Europe, the IMF raised concerns too in its latest World Economic Report, but the ECB does't appear to be too worried. Nick Beecroft thinks this is wrong as deflation in Europe is near the danger zone.

Another Look at China’s GDP NumbersWSJ
Did Thursday’s surprise fall in one of China’s purchasing manager indexes give you pause about the pace of Chinese economic growth? Some indices had already said that China’s economy was doing worse than advertised.

Aussie Rates Outlook CloudedWSJ
The Reserve Bank of Australia’s interest-rate setting board convenes on Feb. 4, with no expectation it will adjust its benchmark cash rate from the current record low of 2.50%, but the year ahead is anybody’s guess.

EM: Storm turns into hurricane – EM sell-off escalatesDanske Bank

Your guide to EM compartmentalizationalphaville / FT

Emerging Market CDS Blow OutZH

Similarities with 1997 emerging markets crash only go so farFT

Steen's Chronicle: Update after week of high dramaTradingFloor

UBS at Davos: ‘Maybe the world’s not so austere’alphaville / FT
UBS at Davos: ‘We’ve swapped global imbalances for domestic disequilibrium’alphaville / FT
A Lower Dollar Won't Reverse Manufacturing's DeclineWorthwhile
In the long run, structural factors such as technological change and basic productivity are the main drivers of what has happened to manufacturing.  Any conspiracy to drive down the dollar to boost exports in manufacturing and revive our manufacturing sector should have done a bit more homework. It is not going to work.

Näpit irti eläkkeistämme, EU!TalSa
Taloudenpidon syventäminen EU:ssa on antanut komissiolle valtaa, joka ei sille alun perin ole kuulunut. Eläkeasiantuntijoiden mielestä Suomen pitäisi tiukasti pitää kiinni omasta eläkemallistaan.

Omistajuus, johtaminen ja talouskasvuEtla
Etla: Suomi voi kokea luovasta tuhosta vain tuhonTalSa
Suomi uhkaa saada luovasta tuhosta vain tuhon, ellei rakennemuutosta edistetä, Etlan tutkijat näkevät.

Sampo Terho: Emme lähde äärioikeistolaiseen ryhmäänVerkkouutiset

Vähittäiskaupan pikaennakko: myynti laski jouluk. 0,9% YoY – Tilastokeskus
Teollisuuden tuottajahinnat laskivat jouluk. 0,8% – Tilastokeskus
Palvelujen tuottajahinnat nousivat 0,9% loka-jouluk – Tilastokeskus
Rakennuslupien kuutiomäärä kasvoi marrask.runsaat 20% YoY – Tilastokeskus