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Thursday, January 9

9th Jan - ECB&BOE do nothing

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Public backing for EU crashes in wake of eurozone crisisThe World / FT
A Gallup poll, published on Wednesday, showed what a devastating impact the eurozone’s crisis has had on popular attitudes to the European Union. Nor is the collapse of confidence in the EU limited purely to countries that have been required to slash wages and benefits in return for international financial aid.

Europe’s Institutional Mismatches Will Create More Turbulence in 2014 than in 2013Bruegel

Swedish Premier Drops Stimulus Predicting Stronger GrowthBB

Krugman Urges Scandinavia to Protect Welfare U.S. Dreams Of BB

We will see about the MPC – alphaville / FT
Carney Guidance Threshold Strained as BOE Holds Policy – BB

ECB still on red alertMerkelnomics
It looks as if he wanted to guide expectations away from a direct link between lower inflation rates and new ECB action.

ECB’s Draghi Pledges “Decisive Action” – WSJ
Recap: ECB’s Draghi Maintains Dovish Tone – WSJ
Live blog: Mario Draghi at the ECB – FT
Draghi keeps low rates pledge, but is he playing with fire? – Reuters
Draghi Strengthens Pledge to Keep Rates at Record Lows – BB

European Sentiment Survey — still in troubleTradingFloor
European business and consumer sentiment has improved steadily during 2013, but the slowdown at the end of the year, and a sectoral breakdown, suggest that the euro crisis is far from over.


Central Station: Growing Optimism at the FedWSJ

Friday’s Jobs Number Could Be ‘Seasonally’ Hot – WSJ
Retailers' sales rise in December – Reuters

Did Soros Just Predict a China Crash?BB
George Soros probably shouldn't expect any warm invitations to Beijing -- not with the much-reviled short seller warning of a giant Chinese crash.

China Tells Banks to Improve Disclosures in Shadow-Lending FightBB
China’s banking regulator told lenders to publish data including off-balance-sheet assets and interbank liabilities as the government steps up scrutiny of the shadow-finance industry.

For Japanese, Deflation Fears Linger Despite Rising PricesWSJ
To end years of deflation, Japan needs to convince people that wages will increase as the economy recovers. But the latest data from the Bank of Japan shows people remain unconvinced about their earning potential and the country’s economic prospects for 2014, despite a recent upturn.

China’s Inflation Tepid, and Set to Stay That Way – WSJ
China’s Producer Prices Extend Longest Slump Since 1990s – BB
China inflation hits 7-month low, eases tightening fears – Reuters
Asian Stocks Fall as China Producer Prices Extend Decline – BB

Deutsche Bank Offers Up Forex Wisdom for 2014WSJ

Investment Outlook January 2014: Seesaw RiderPIMCO

Is Bond Valuation Stretched?BCA
The weighted average of 10-year bond yields in the major developed markets has reached fair value, although this hides a fairly wide dispersion across markets.

Is the equity market really overvalued?TradingFloor
The spectacular bull market in equities last year has got the last standing bears out of their caves pushing the notion that markets are overvalued. Our view is that equity valuations have just normalised and they will continue up in 2014.

Shadow Banking BB
The scale of it is almost unfathomable: over $70 trillion worldwide. The Financial Stability Board says it poses “systemic risks” to the global financial system. It’s growing at phenomenal rates in China and India and booming in Western banking capitals as well.

EMEA WeeklyDanske Bank
Russia: 2013 disappoints but better expectations for 2014

Kolme syytä euron korkeaan kurssiinHenri Myllyniemi / US

Kaikki mielipiteet eivät ole yhtä arvokkaitaSaska Saarikoski / HS

Finnwatchin veroparatiisiraportti kirvoitti kielenkannatVerkkouutiset