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Wednesday, January 29

29th Jan - Turkey hikes rates

Was the low interest rate a problem for Turkey – No.

Was the problem a negative current account, high inflation, corrupted governance and inefficient economy – Yes.

Would the easiest way to reverse the current account balance have been to let the lira float weaker up to the equilibrium point – Yes

Will the interest rate hike attract hot money-flows to return to Turkey – Yes

Will the new hot money be even more fickle than the previous allotments – Yes.

Will the interest rate hike improve the real economy – No

Do I now feel that everything in Turkey is fine and problems are solved – No.

Does this remind me of 1992 when FX stability was deemed more important than everything else – Yes.

Will this do anything but force other countries suffering from outbound hot money flows to raise interest rates or introduce capital controls – No.

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