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Thursday, March 10

10th Mar - ECB overdelivers - but disappoints

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Making the economic case for BrexitPolitico

Time for a regime change in FrankfurtCER
In recent years, the European Central Bank’s (ECB) monetary policy has been half of what is necessary, two years late. To get eurozone inflation back to its ‘close to 2 per cent’ target, the ECB needs to be much bolder.

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Monetary policy decisionsECB
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Introductory Statement to the press conferenceECB
Macroeconomic projections March 2016 – ECB
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Austerity past and futureSimon Wren-Lewis

China to ease commercial banks' bad debt burden via equity swapsReuters
China Proposes Nationalization Of Insolvent CompaniesZH

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

Markets await the ECB today; rate cut from RBNZ; oil close to USD 41 * ECB to boost risk sentiment? * Surprising rate cut in New Zealand * FX market split on today’s ECB action

Morning MarketsTF
Asian stocks outside of China rose on Thursday with help from gains overnight on Wall Street and firmer crude oil. In the countdown to today's European Central Bank meeting the Reserve Bank of New Zealand stunned with a 25 basis points rate cut to 2.25% and a very dovish message which sent the kiwi dollar tumbling and crushed NZ market rates.

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
ECB Meeting Promises Fireworks

Daily Market CommentMacro Man
Take Two

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Cameron: Economic shock of Brexit not a price worth paying * EU Ministers declare Balkan Route permanently closed as controversial Turkey deal edges closer * Poland faces full blown constitutional crisis after government refuses to publish Constitutional Tribunal ruling striking down law restricting its own powers * Icelandic PM: Key EU decisions increasingly determined by only one country * Further ECB stimulus expected to aid flagging Eurozone economy * German exports drop unexpectedly * Sarkozy: Schengen is dead, and Germany dealt it a fatal blow

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Polish constitutional crisis — May tax relief be with you

All Eyes On Draghi: Markets Unchanged, Poised To Pounce Or Plunge


FX UpdateTF
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand pulled out all the stops to crush the kiwi with a surprise 25 basis points rate cut and dovish guidance. Now the focus switches to the European Central Bank and whether Mario Draghi can impress a skeptical market with policy innovation.

From the FloorTF
A surprise rate cut from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand saw the kiwi drop by 1% versus the USD overnight while traders await today's ECB meeting for an update on monetary policy and the state of European banks.

EKP tiukassa paikassa * Startup-into tarvitsee lisää polttoainetta ja suuria ajatuksia * Raakaöljyn tynnyrihinta palasi päälle 40 dollarin * Valtionlainakorot tekivät eilen korjausliikkeen ylöspäin

Kansan palaute päättäjille: laittakaa Suomen kilpailykyky kuntoon!EVA
Suomalaiset ovat havahtuneet talouskasvun tärkeyteen. Kansalaisia turhauttaa yhteiskunnallisten uudistusten jumittuminen ja päätöksentekijöiden saamattomuus. Eliitti saa kansalta moitteita saamattomuudesta, käy ilmi EVAn vuoden 2016 Arvo- ja asennetutkimuksesta.

Helikopteriraha – vihonviimeinen elvytyskeino?T&Y
Valtion menojen suora keskuspankkirahoitus eli helikopteriraha olisi oikein toteutettuna varmasti tehokas elvytyskeino, mutta Saksa ei tule hyväksymään EU:n sopimusten muuttamista sen sallimiseksi. Toistaiseksi käyttöön jäävät EKP:n velkakirjaostojen laajentaminen ja koronalennusten jatkaminen.

Matti Tuomala: Miksi fiskaalinen elvytys ei kelpaa?PT

Teollisuuden uudet tilaukset tammik. -1,8% YoY – Tilastokeskus
Teollisuustuotanto tammik. -2% YoY – Tilastokeskus