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Wednesday, March 23

23rd Mar - Terror increases odds of Brexit

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Brexit Fears Boost Sterling Put BuyingMarc Chandler
Sterling Volatility Surges to a Six Year HighWSJ

Editorial: What Went Wrong in Brussels – View / BB
El-Erian: Assessing Market Reactions to Brussels – View / BB
Europe must confront the possibility of such attacks on a regular basis – The Economist

Macroprudential Bulletin 1/2016 – ECB
“Helicopter money”: But it is already here! – Natixis
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Euro rates updateNordea

Short-lived market reaction to Brussels explosions; better Euro-area sentiment; Easter markets * Better-than-expected Euro-area PMIs * Flight to safety initially after the explosions in Brussels * Swedish manufacturers back to earth

Morning MarketsTF
Markets closed relatively unchanged the day of the multiple terrorist attacks in Brussels. Today will show whether investors stay calm. Since incoming data is slight there is not much else to blame for market movements today.

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Dollar Firms in Quiet Trade

Daily Market CommentMacro Man
Fixed income musings

Daily ShotTF
The likelihood for two or more rate hikes is increasing and so is the USD. Hedge funds and institutional investors have been selling the dollar. Is that unwinding of the long-dollar trade over for now?

Matt Levine’s Money StuffView / BB
Rogue Trading and Gun Disclosure

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Markets and bookmakers see increased chance of Brexit following Brussels attacks * Renzi: Europe needs “single security and defence structure” * OBR head suggests impact of Brexit may take some time to materialize * Former Canadian Trade Minister: “The Canada-EU trade deal is not a model for the UK” * Greek Finance Minister confident of wrapping up bailout review and debt relief deal in April * French central bank governor criticises Hollande over labour market reforms * Provisions against bad loans in the Eurozone ‘reasonable’, says ECB Supervisor chief

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
How will Europe respond to attacks?

Dollar Winning Streak Continues For Fourth Day Pushing Oil Lower; Futures Flat


FX UpdateTF
The initial reaction to last week’s FOMC meeting has yielded to a lack of follow-through and fresh USD shorts have to be getting nervous here. Not much in the way of catalysts on the calendar ahead of a long weekend but we’re getting close to interesting technical levels on the major USD charts.

From the FloorTF
One day after the horrific Brussels attacks and the world's financial markets have largely regained their poise after risk appetite dipped briefly and temporarily in the immediate aftermath of the news. Sterling however is an exception and continues to languish.

Euroalue: ei uutta auringon alla * Brysselin terrori-iskuilla ei ole pidempiaikaisia vaikutuksia markkinoihin * Ruotsin teollisuuden luottamus pysyttelee korkealla * Fedin Evans odottaa kahta koronnostoa kuluvana vuonna