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Sunday, May 13

13th May - Weekender: Off-Topics

Here are some easier Sunday readings. Also a special song for all the mothers! Follow ‘MoreLiver’ on Twitter or Facebook.  The LTRO and JP Morgan posts have been updated.

Previously on MoreLiver:

Twitter feeds you need: top tweeters reveal their three favourite followsThe Guardian
In just six years, Twitter has become the life-support system for those seeking news, humour, wisdom or a shot of esoteric web weirdness. Here, introduced by Lauren Laverne, 50 top tweeters reveal their three favourite follows. Plus, five experts on the Twitter accounts that define their fields

Blueseed, the Floating City for Startups - Popsci
Tax-free, “anything goes” floating community – with an entrance fee.

How the Soviets Squashed DissidentsForeign Affairs
For the Soviets, accepting that malcontents could be found in their communist paradise undermined their worldview, so sending them abroad was a way of putting them out of mind. China’s approach to dissidents today comes more from defensiveness about its status as world leader.

Afghanistan: A Gathering MenaceThe American Scholar
Traveling with U.S. troops gives insights into the recent massacre

The Lost Steve Jobs Tapes Fast Company
A treasure trove of unearthed interviews, conducted by the writer who knew him best, reveals how Jobs's ultimate success at Apple can be traced directly to his so-called wilderness years.

How Ayn Rand Became an American Icon (2009)Slate
The perverse allure of a damaged woman.

Joe Weisenthal vs. the 24-Hour News CycleNYT
Joe Weisenthal wakes up around 4 a.m. most weekdays, afraid that in the five or six hours he has been sleeping, something happened that could move financial markets.

Ken Doyle, SafecrackerMcSweeney’s

Roberto CalviWikipedia
He was also known as “the God’s banker”. He got killed.

The 6 Ballsiest Casino Cheats of All

Kidnapped by Pirates at Sea? Here's How Economics Can Save You The Atlantic
Lessons from Plutarch to Planet Money, including the First Rule of kidnapping insurance: Don't tell anybody about your kidnapping insurance

Invisible Hand, Greased Palm The New Yorker
When you read the business pages these days, you can be forgiven for thinking that international commerce is a cesspool of graft. Yet, by historical standards, things have never been cleaner. What’s changed is how strenuously governments are cracking down on corruption.

Lehman E-Mails Show Wall Street Arrogance Led to the Fall View / BB
If one wants to understand the full complicity of Wall Street in the Great Recession, look no further than the voluminous package of pre-collapse Lehman Brothers documents that have been made available by the law firm Jenner & Block LLP, which has acted as the coroner in the Lehman post-mortem.

You agree with this column New Statesman
Why your brain avoids information it doesn't agree with.

Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments of TeachingFarnam Street

The brain… it makes you think. Doesn't it?The Guardian
Are we governed by unconscious processes? Neuroscience believes so – but isn't the human condition more complicated than that? Two experts offer different views

Internal Time brain pickings
The Science of Chronotypes, Social Jet Lag, and Why You’re So Tired: Debunking the social stigma around late risers, or what Einstein has to do with teens’ risk for smoking.

How To Spot A Liar Farnam Street

10 Ways to Motivate Anyone TIME

FiveBooks Interviews: Simon Johnson on Why Economic History Matters The Browser
History contains all sorts of useful warnings and lessons. And, says the former IMF chief economist, today's economic policymakers would do well to heed them

Rules of trading in a POW campTim Harford
An economist who was taken prisoner during the second world war observed that market institutions were universal and spontaneous

‘Understood properly, the Death Star is not worth it.’Wonkblog / WP
Should we build a Death Star? This debate picked up this year after some Lehigh University students estimated that just the steel for a Death Star would cost $852 quadrillion, or 13,000 times the current GDP of the Earth.

I Ditched Google for a WeekSlate
Is it possible to survive on the Internet using Bing and only Bing?

New York Times’ graphics department blog chartsnthings
or how beautiful charts are conceived

Moore's Law Over, Supercomputing "In Triage," Says Experttechnology review
A dean of high performance computing says silicon is at the end of the line.

Singularity University: meet the people who are building our futureThe Guardian
Take top thinkers from Silicon Valley and science, mix them with scientists, innovators and philanthro-capitalists, and you've got the Singularity University – on a mission to seek technological solutions to the world's great challenges

The Single Theory That Could Explain Emergence, Organisation And The Origin of Lifetechnology review
Biochemists have long imagined that autocatalytic sets can explain the origin of life. Now a new mathematical approach to these sets has even broader implications

What Really Sparked the Hindenburg Disaster?Smithsonian

Biomedicine: Breaking the Genome Bottlenecktechnology review
It can be quicker and easier to sequence a genome than to analyze the resulting data—now one startup thinks it has a solution to this data-crunching bottleneck

The frequent fliers who flew too muchLos Angeles Times
Many years after selling lifetime passes for unlimited first-class travel, American Airlines began scrutinizing the costs — and the customers.

Flying the 787 'Dreamliner': What It's Like to Ride Boeing's Newest Airplane readwriteweb

Lunar Rover Operations HandbookNASA
Learn how to drive – in style!