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Sunday, May 13

13th May - Weekender: Sell-Side Research

Links to research notes from banks. My previous post got deleted, so save what you want now. I am not hosting these documents, just linking to them.


BNP Paribas: FX Weekly: Euro Stress - We Thought it was Behind Us (pdf)

BNP Paribas: Market Mover (pdf)

Citi Techs: Weekly Roundup (pdf)

Goldman Sachs: European Economics Analyst (pdf)

Goldman Sachs: The Global FX Monthly Analyst (pdf)

Goldman Sachs: Global Viewpoint (pdf)

Goldman Sachs: GS Techs - The Charts That Matter Next Week (pdf)

Morgan Stanley: FX Pulse: Real Yields the Real Story (pdf)

UBS China Weekly Economic Focus (pdf)

Citi: Global Economics View: What More Can Central Banks Do To Stimulate the Economy? (pdf)

Nomura: FX Quant Insights: The season for JPY (pdf)


BBVA: Economic Outlook Q2 (pdf), presentation pdf

G10 Weekly: Global Alpha Strategy, 11 May 2012 Nordea (pdf)

International Week AheadNordea (pdf)

Pictet: Perspectives April 2012 (pdf)

Unicredit Chartbook May 2012 (pdf)

Unicredit: Safeguarding the common eurozone capital market (16-Apr) – (pdf)

Unicredit: ECB: more cautious, but no hint of near-term policy action (3-May) – (pdf)

Nordea: G10 Weekly: Global Alpha Strategy (pdf)

Nordea: International Week Ahead(pdf)

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