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Monday, May 28

28th May - "US Close": Memorial Day

Just a quickie update because of the holiday in U.S.. Nasty day in Europe, it will be an interesting Tuesday for sure. The Calendar page has been updated. Did you do something stupid during the long weekend? Or at work? Don’t worry, try one of these tested defense strategies: Black rage, Twinkie, Chewbacca, Matrix or Gay Panic

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Tyler’s European Markets SummaryZH
Greece Jumps Most In 8 Months As Rest Of Peripheral Europe Slumps

Market SummaryA View From My Screens

Key Events In The Shortened WeekGS / ZH

Six-Point Growth Plan Merkel Prepares to Strike Back Against HollandeSpiegel
France's new president, Fran├žois Hollande, has put the German chancellor on the defensive with his growth agenda. Now Angela Merkel is planning to strike back. She is calling for structural reforms to save the euro with a six-point plan aimed at harmonizing austerity and growth in Europe once again.

Spanish Bonds – Austerity, Spending, and RealityTF Market Advisors
The first step is to do an honest assessment of the real debt burden of Spain… Once the actual debt and real obligations of Spain are known, they need to restructure the debt. If austerity doesn’t work, and spending has limited value, debt restructuring is the only way to get the debt under control and allow the policies of spending and austerity to work over time.

Another treaty, another Irish referendumeuobserver
Ireland votes on Thursday – what does it mean?

Are We Heading for the “Grexit”?AlphaNow / Reuters
Chart collection from a week ago.

Greece: The Unvarnished TruthMarc to Market
Greece is going to cost Germany (and others) whether it is in EMU or not.

Greek privatisation is nothing more than talkThe World / FT

Greece-Proofing ChinaProject Syndicate
A potential Grexit will present entirely new challenges to China in the coming months, and the country must avoid complacency over its own exposure. A battle plan for both the present and the future is needed now.

Asia ExposedProject Syndicate
As Europe’s crisis deepens, the twin channels of financial and trade linkages have placed Asia’s economies in a vice. Rebalancing is the only way out for China and its partners in the Asian supply chain. Until that occurs, the vice now gripping Asia will only continue to tighten.

SNB’s Jordan Says Capital Controls Among Possible MovesBB

Swiss Prepare Plans in Case of Euro's DemiseWSJ
One such measure would be capital controls. In the 1970s, Switzerland used such extreme measures to curb excessive demand for its currency. The country prohibited foreign investments in Swiss securities and real estate, and introduced negative interest rates on foreign deposits. Both tools failed to stem the Swiss franc's rise, which only halted after the central bank introduced a temporary peg to the deutsche mark, Germany's currency at the time.

What Wall Street needs right now, is a good gang war…I Heart Wall St.
Are we seriously gonna keep taking this? When do we take back our neighborhood?