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Monday, May 7

7th May - Morning Briefings: Post Elections

Elections are over, euro is weaker and has broken outside its recent trading range and stock index futures trading lower. On the other hand, euro quickly returned to the range and SPX is at support levels. Trust the charts, fade the news? For election coverage, see the updated Election. Bank holiday in UK. 

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4th May - Weekly Support (weekly reviews and previews)

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Danske DailyDanske Bank (pdf)
Fear of renewed political turbulence in the euro area after Hollande victory in France and defeat for the coalition government in Greece. Disappointing labour market report in the US questions strength of recovery. It has been risk-off overnight with stock markets markedly lower and EUR/USD breaking below 1.30. Bond yields and commodity prices also markedly lower. UK markets are closed for May bank holiday.

Morning BriefingBNYMellon
The results from the German, French and Greek elections this weekend reflect a growing backlash across Europe against fiscal austerity measures implemented in the wake of the recent financial crisis

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