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Friday, May 4

4th May - Recognition?

Payrolls coming up and the last trading session before the European elections. Probably a good idea to go into this weekend with limited risk – Hollande is not dangerous, as he will do whatever he is supposed to do – and currently even the “wrong” ideas might be better policy-wise. Biggest question mark is the lovely holiday destination for bailout funds – Greece

The public debt level is still too high and on top of that the country still owes through TARGET2 approximately hundred billion euros. Any talk or actual euro exit and default would realize the central banking and EFSF losses that currently go unrecognized in euro countries’ national books.

As a reminder, the cost from Spain, deemed too big to fail, is estimated to be 150-200 billion euros just for the banks. Greece is no peanuts. The realized losses would anger voters everywhere, endanger support for European “Death Stars” (EFSF et al) and “solidarity, and probably force the ECB to do the helicopter thing.
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