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Thursday, April 11

11th Apr - US Open: My thoughts on Thatcher

Let me get this out of my mind: Helmut Kohl just said that the European vision was hurt by resistance from Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher nailed the impossibility of the euro area years ago.Kohl admits that the birth of euro would not have been possible democratically.  While I am not a big fan of Thatcher’s social and economic policies in general, at least she did the right thing on Europe. While she lost power because of her euroskepticism, it did put a stone into the federalists’ shoes. There should have been more people like that at that time.

Kohl confesses to euro's undemocratic beginnings – euobserver
Thatcher ‘to blame’ for British split on Europepresseurop 
Thatcher knew the single currency would devastate EuropeThe Telegraph
Thatcher Was Freakishly Correct About Why The Euro Would Be Such A Big Disaster – BI

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