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Sunday, April 7

7th Apr - Views & Charts

Favourite plays for the beginning week: short EURGBP. Long USDJPY or GBPJPY. 
Of minor interest are EURUSD longs, but already in the middle of the probable range, and the pair is open to headline risk. Click charts for larger versions.

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Monthly charts 
USDCAD triangle, next a visit to the downside. 
GOLD horizontal range, next a visit to the upside.
GBPUSD failed downside break, next a visit the upside of the range
AUDUSD boring
EURJPY sitting at previous high - did not break it yet. Trend up, going higher
USDJPY broke the highs, trend up, going higher.
EURGBP falling range, sitting at a minor support. Should continue lower. Probably the best pair to short the euro at the moment.
GBPJPY trend up, going higher
EURUSD range

Weekly charts
EURNOK longer downchannel, but within a shorter upchannel. Probably more downside. 
GOLD downchannel still in place, but support level strong and rejected. Upside expected.
GBPUSD the resistance level not yet cleared with conviction.
EURUSD looks like a key reversal up.

Daily charts
EURNOK the short-term upchannel is now tested.

 Hourly charts

Government bond yields 10y
The Japanese bond market "crash" at the end of the week is actually a small blip in the big picture. I guess the yields will bottom out now or soon - the yields are already near recent ranges'  / channels' bottoms and the bad risk-off news are already out.