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Tuesday, April 2

2nd Apr - US Close: Articles of Plenty

Scroll down to the highlighted links. They are worth it. JP Morgan's quarterly report is a must-read.

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
Daily Interest Rate Monitor – Global Macro Monitor
The Closer – alphaville / FT

Tomorrow’s Tape – WSJ
Europe: Closes Green As Macro Data Drops Most In 19 Months – ZH
US: New Dow Highs But Builders Battered, Trannies Trounced, And Russell Ravaged ZH
Morning Briefing (Asia) – BNY Mellon

IMF Urges Caution on Union PolicyWSJ
The IMF takes a soul-searching look at its labor-market recommendations made as part of the bailout programs the fund has managed in recent years.

IMF Urges Denmark to Drop Risky Mortgages as Losses LoomBB
The IMF is urging Denmark to phase out interest-only mortgages or risk destabilizing its housing market, as lawmakers and lenders debate whether to aid borrowers unable to pay their loans.

Cyprus leaves banking union up in airHugo Dixon / Reuters
As Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, once memorably said: banks are “global in life but national in death”.

Another European Politican Exposed As Complete LiarZH

Great Graphic: How Unique is Cyprus?Marc to Market
The non-performing loan rate and capital adequacy ratios of a select group of eastern and central European countries.

Underwater: The Netherlands Falls Prey to Economic CrisisSpiegel
The Netherlands, Berlin's most important ally in pushing for greater budgetary discipline in Europe, has fallen into an economic crisis itself. The once exemplary economy is suffering from huge debts and a burst real estate bubble, which has stalled growth and endangered jobs.

Record High: European Jobless Rates Show North-South RiftSpiegel
Unemployment in the euro zone hit 12 percent in February, its highest level since the creation of the euro, according to data released on Tuesday. It provided further evidence that the debt crisis has driven a wedge between the stable north and the struggling south in the 17-member currency bloc.

Euro-Area Unemployment Rises to Record 12% Amid SlumpBB
The euro-area jobless rate rose to a record 12 percent in early 2013, adding to signs that the currency bloc’s recession extended into the first quarter.

ECB Preview: An instrument for SMEsDanske Bank (pdf)
Instead of a rate cut, we expect Mario Draghi to present a new non-standard measure targeted at improving credit conditions for small- and medium-sized companies. If Draghi comes up with alternative measures such as a lending programme to SMEs, we believe it should lead to an increase in longer term core bond yields and some EUR strengthening

One Size Fits NoneKrugman / NYT
If European policy makers really want to save the euro, what they should be doing is pushing hard against their system’s deflationary bias. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell they aren’t even willing to acknowledge that the problem exists.

One expensive euroFree exchange / The Economist
I had been surprised at how long euro-area residents seemed content to suffer through the continent's economic mess. But maybe I shouldn't have been; until recently, it wasn't obvious that other large, rich economies could manage much better. Now it is, and it will become more obvious every quarter.

Sector Trading Range Charts: Health Care, Consumer Staples Explode Higher – Bespoke
Sector Relative Strength By Market Cap – Bespoke
You Know The Market's Euphoric When... – ZH
For S&P 500, Is This the Dreaded Triple Top? – WSJ
361 Capital Weekly Research Briefing – The Reformed Broker

Macro Digest: Keeping an eye on North KoreaTradingFloor
Steen Jakobsen: It’s very hard to decide about the motives behind North Korea’s escalating rhetoric – is it merely the young dictator's way of positioning himself within North Korea's power structure or is it something else?

In the Picture: the latest on North KoreaThe World / FT

Guide to the Markets JPM

Three Macro Monetary Morphine Charts ZH
All major stock markets are disconnected from macro

Four New ViewsMarc to Market
1) Difficult for US to maintain positive surprises 2) Cyprus is not ‘new’ and thus shock manageable 3) Italy and perhaps Slovenia next risk sources 4) Warnings on Japan

Gold to greyalphaville / FT
Societe Generale’s big (bearish) scorecard on “the end of the gold era”

Investment Outlook: A new belle époque?TradingFloor
Teis Knuthsen: We have been recommending an overweight of risky assets in our portfolios since last autumn. For now, we maintain an overweight of equities and of emerging market bonds, but are closer to a shift to neutral than for many months.

Currency Positioning By Hedge FundsThe Short Side of the Long

Masters of money fail to convert hope into realityThe A-List / FT
Stephen King: Governments now need faster growth to help their fiscal numbers add up. Central banks are coming under increasing pressure to do the necessary monetary arithmetic. Yet, in doing so, the resulting mispricing of assets and growth of cross-border carry trades may only be sowing the seeds for the next financial upheaval.

Euroalueen nykyisellä rahapolitiikalla eivät euromaiden rakenteelliset uudistukset auta pätkääkäänTyhmyri

Lainat, talletukset ja korot, helmikuu 2013Suomen Pankki

Paavin murheellinen rahamyllyHS
Paavi Franciscuksen odotetaan uudistavan korruption syövyttämän Vatikaanin. Ongelmien ytimessä on Vatikaanin pankki, jota syytetään rikollisen rahan pesemisestä.

Tausta: Vatikaanin pankki on loputon skandaalien lähdeHS