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Monday, April 8

8th Apr - US Open

Quote of the Day…notice what the Japanese yen has been doing lately. As long as I can remember, buying USDJPY around 80-85 and selling around 120-130 has been an easy way to make money. Currently 80.35, next stop 83. MoreLiver on 25-Oct-2012

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  The curious indifference of US officials towards Japanese currency manipulation

Fiscal regimes in the EUECB (pdf)
Working paper no. 1529 by António Afonso and Priscilla Toffano

Danish Mortgages IMF Condemns as Risky Should Stay, Rohde SaysBB
Denmark doesn’t need to phase out interest-only mortgages identified by the International Monetary Fund as risky and should instead ensure banks only give the loans to borrowers who can afford them, central bank Governor Lars Rohde said.

Sentix European Investor Confidence Falls After Cyprus BailoutBB
European investor confidence declined more than economists forecast in April, after the bail- in of Cypriot bank depositors rattled financial markets, the Sentix research institute said today.

Cameron Takes U.K.’s Case for Flexible EU to ContinentBB
David Cameron will take his case for a more flexible European Union to Spain, France and Germany this week, seeking the alliances he needs to renegotiate Britain’s status within the 27-member bloc.

Finland: Exports down less than expectedNordea (pdf)

Why Making Europe German Won’t Fix the Crisis View / BB
The question isn’t whether Germany’s policies are correct. It is whether they will produce the same outcomes in different economic and political environments. To see that they don’t, you need to ignore Greece and look at its neighbor, Bulgaria.

Portugal Plans More Spending Cuts After Ruling on SalariesBB
Portugal will carry out more spending cuts this year and ruled out further tax increases after the Constitutional Court blocked a plan to suspend a monthly salary payment to state workers and pensioners.

Cyprus Woes Threaten East Europe GDP, Development Bank SaysBB
Cyprus’s bailout threatens to slow eastern European growth through trade and banking links if it sparks capital flight from the most indebted euro-area nations, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development said.

The ECB’s non-standard monetary policy measures: the role of institutional factors and financial structureECB (pdf)
Working paper no. 1528 by Philippine Cour-Thimann and Bernhard Winkler

Contrary to what is promoted by the EU’s central bankers, higher taxes tend to coincide with lower deficits and low debtEuropp / LSE

BOE Offers Lending Template to ECBWSJ
Will the Cypriot banking crisis force the ECB into its own version of the U.K.'s Funding for Lending scheme

A Value rally, or defensive sector rally? Humble Student
The upcoming Earnings Season will give us the best answer to the question of whether the real leadership is defensive stocks, which suggests caution, or Value stocks, which could be neutral to bullish.

China: manufacturers ‘restocking’beyondbrics / FT
Hunting for signs of cyclical recovery in Chinese manufacturing? Look at inventories, says Standard Chartered Bank.

In China, off-balance-sheet lending risks lurk in the shadowsReuters
China's banks are feeding unwanted assets into the country's "shadow banking system" on an unprecedented scale, reinforcing suspicions that bank balance sheets reflect only a fraction of the actual credit risk lurking in the financial system.

China and the chaos theory of financeBreakingviews / Reuters
Will China have a financial crisis? And if so, would Chinese people be any worse off? The answers are not found in the country’s rapidly rising levels of debt, but in the potential for chaos when things go wrong.

“Sell in May” Debunked? MarketSci

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