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Friday, April 19

18th Apr - US Close

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IMF Warns Spanish Debt-Load Is UnsustainableZH

Not to be Bitten by Same Dog Twice: Slovenia UpdateMarc to Market
Slovenia Central Bank Chief Says Country Can Avoid BailoutWSJ

Bundestag approves Cyprus bailouteuobserver
Germany Backs Cyprus Aid as Schaeuble Cites Default RiskBB
German parliament backs Cyprus bailoutReuters

Ari Wald: This is What Distribution Looks LikeThe Reformed Broker
Wald has been pretty money on the major trends so far this year. In this week's note, the technician points out some major yellow lights in the internals.

Four Years of SPX Pullbacks in One PlotVix and More

Japan rewarded for launching the currency warSober Look

Could the Yen Trigger Another Asian Financial Crisis?PragCap

The interbank repo effect and goldalphaville / FT
When you haven’t got anything to repo and funding becomes tight, gold is likely to sell-off in anticipation of further banking and asset problems. This time the effect may also have been magnified because of the changing nature of the bailout game.

EMEA WeeklyDanske Bank (pdf)

Reuters Releases George Soros Obituary By Mistake: "Enigmatic Financier, Liberal Philanthropist Dies At XX"ZH