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Tuesday, April 16

16th Apr - US Open

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Rising deflation risks in the EurozoneResearch Ahead

Draghi urges governments to solve debt crisis, says ECB cannotReuters
Draghi on Monday put pressure on governments to push ahead with plans for closer European integration to address the euro zone crisis' core problems.

Has Germany really gone off the idea of EU treaty change? (Part II) Open Europe

German support for the European project should not be taken for grantedEuropp / LSE
Germany’s relative economic well-being and prosperity partly explains the continuous support of the German people for the European project. However, there has been a growth in euroscepticism in the country in recent years. Whilst history might have made Germans more idealistic about the EU’s value to unite a continent that underwent centuries of wars and instability, in the long run the calls for more democracy, transparency, participation and efficiency may grow louder.

Greece set to win more bailout aid, may seek debt reliefReuters
Greece received a clean bill of health from its international creditors on Monday, securing more rescue aid and prompting its finance minister to say he would ask for much more debt relief if Athens keeps meeting its bailout targets.

Research Euroland: Fact Book PortugalDanske Bank (pdf)

Iceland signs first European free trade pact with Chinaeuobserver

Companies won’t even look at resumes of the long-term unemployedWonkblog / WP
Here’s one big reason why America’s unemployment crisis may be here to stay. Thanks to the lasting effects of the recession, there are currently 4.7 million workers who have been out of work for at least 27 weeks. And new research suggests that employers will almost never consider hiring them.

A weakness in the unstoppable AUD?alphaville / FT

China’s Pettis momentalphaville / FT

Goldman’s big think about the commodity sell-off alphaville / FT

What Are Gold’s Fundamentals ?The Big Picture

The 10 Rules of GoldbuggeryThe Big Picture

Another Golden Lesson For Asset Allocation & RebalancingThe Capital Spectator

Bloomberg Frenzy On Gold's Historic CrashThe Short Side of the Long
…some interesting videos to watch from Bloomberg

Welcome to the world of wild mood swingsNordea
The recent moves have been triggered to a large extent by disappointing economic data. Chinese growth disappointed, US data has taken a clear turn for the worse and the Euro-zone economy continues to perform poorly. That said, the longer-term outlook should not have been materially changed.

Yield Forecast Update Danske Bank (pdf)
Central banks take major steps to fight crisis

Miksi hylätä oikea politiikka?Henri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro
Jos kerran eurokraatit ovat niin vuorenvarmoja olleet talouskurin olevan pahalta maistuva, mutta taatusti tehoava lääke, niin eikö siitä lipsuminen ole väärää politiikkaa?