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Wednesday, September 11

11th Sep - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
Daily Risk Monitor – Global Macro Monitor
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: Despite AAPLooza, Stocks Rally For 7th Day In A Row – ZH

Economists Call ECB’s Bond Buying Plan UnlawfulWSJ
German critics are again weighing into the public debate about the ECB’s one-year-old bond program, under which the central bank may purchase open-ended amounts of euro-zone government bonds provided countries meet conditions on economic and fiscal reform.

Italian bank funding more fragile that it looksalphaville / FT

Is Europe Out of the Woods?Project Syndicate
Barry Eichengreen: There is no doubt that the outlook for Europe has brightened since the dog days of early 2012. But, unless policymakers complete unfinished business, recent claims that the eurozone crisis is over will prove deceptive.

State of the Union: Talking to the hand? Presseurop

This Day in Crisis History: Sept. 11, 2008WSJ

Non-Lessons of the Financial CrisisEconoMonitor

5 Years From Lehman: How The Treasury Thinks It Saved The WorldZH

Trying to Outrun LehmanWSJ

How the 1 percent won the recovery, in one tableWonkblog / WP

Learning from LehmanProject Syndicate

Five years after the crisis, these 13 charts show what’s fixed and what isn’tWonkblog / WP

HeSari se jaksaa aina yllättää taloudellisen ymmärryksen puutteella – pääkirjoitus 10.9.2013 ja demareiden kohtaloTyhmyri

Poliittinen keskusteluSaloniemi