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Tuesday, September 3

3rd Sep - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT
U.S. Sector ETF Performance – Global Macro Monitor
US: Hard-Assets Surge As Equity Bulls Purge – ZH

Banks still eurozone's weak link, OECD warnseuobserver

Portugal CDS spread widens againSober Look
The date is set for the troika inspectors to pay a visit to Portugal.

A Complete Guide to European Bail-Out Facilities – Part 1:

Europe’s Destructive Creation: Why the Euro’s Biggest Problem is the Flawed Crisis NarrativeEconoMonitor
William Oman, Economist for Western Europe and Finance & Banking at RGE, argues that a flawed narrative holds back more than just the euro crisis debate. - See more at:

Europe should reject Jürgen Habermas’ vision of a federal European state and instead create an enduring association between sovereign nationsEuropp / LSE

Barroso’s succession battle has already begunPresseurop / Adevarul
Who will be president of the European Commission after the May 2014 elections? Names are already circulating in the main political camps. But the campaign is long and we must wait until after the German elections to understand the balance of power in the EU.

Europe’s reforms need more than a new rule bookPresseurop / FT
The proposed changes to Italy’s constitution may galvanise an anti-reform bloc, says Tony Barber.

A united, strong and open EuropeEuropa
José Barroso President of the European Commission Address to European Union Heads of Delegation/Brussels 3 September 2013

Summers the ShiftlessKrugman / NYT

Five reasons you should be worried about the economyWonkblog / WP

Misconceptions About Fed’s Bond BuyingBB

This Day in Crisis History: Sept. 3, 2008WSJ

Manufacturing ISM
Increases in August to 55.7 – Calculated Risk
Rises To 55.7, Beats Expectations, Highest Since April 2011 – ZH
Increases Again – Bespoke
Mfg. Expands At Fastest Pace In 2 Years – The Capital Spectator
A Solid Start to the Month – Tim Duy’s Fed Watch