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Monday, September 23

23rd Sep - US Close: Fed speakers

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
Daily Risk Monitor – Global Macro Monitor
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: Bernanke Stock-Boost Busted, Bonds Best Bid – ZH

Speech  Mario DraghiECB
Hearing at the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament

Mario Draghi Warns Lawmakers Over Stress Test HolesWSJ
The ECB has long asserted that it can support the banking sector with long-term loans to get them through any liquidity challenges, and Mr. Draghi even opened the door to providing additional long-term loans to banks on Monday. But the dirty work of recapitalizing  banks remains the responsibility of the member states.

Is there a path to political union?Bruegel
Overall, four years into the euro crisis, Europeans still on balance trust Europe and the European institutions more than the national ones. This is particularly true in the South, which highlights a profound defiance in politics, leadership and national elites, and less true in the North, where confidence in the EU is now falling or about to fall below that of national institutions.

Mapping The Collapse Of European DemocracyZH

Democrats to Boehner: There will be no debt-ceiling negotiation. Seriously.Wonkblog / WP

A government shutdown will cost us billionsWonkblog / WP

Does the Fed have a communication problem, or do markets have a listening problem?Wonkblog / WP

How Do You Say ‘Fixed-Rate, Full-Allotment Overnight Reverse Repo Facility’ in English?WSJ

Dudley: Reflections on the Economic Outlook and the Implications for Monetary Policy – FED
The Doves Hit The Tape: Dudley, Lockart Plead For More QE – ZH
Fed’s Dudley: Economy Not Strong Enough For Fed To Taper – WSJ
NY Fed's Dudley: Two Tests Before Taper – Calculated Risk

Bill Dudley Explains The Fed's Logic Behind The New Overnight Reverse-Repo Facility – ZH
Fed Soaks Up $11.8 Billion In Liquidity In First Fixed-Rate Reverse Repo Test – ZH

Fed’s Lockhart: Churn in Jobs Market Has Slowed in Past Decade – WSJ
Fed’s Lockhart: Hard to See Hitting Conditions for October Taper – WSJ
Another Fed President Confirms Fed Credibility Undermined – ZH
Fed’s Fisher: Tapering Delay Threatens Credibility – WSJ

Chicago Fed: "Economic Growth Picked Up in August" – Calculated Risk
Chicago Fed: US Economy Growing At “Below-Trend” Rate Through August – The Capital Spectator
Chicago Fed: Economic Activity Picked Up in August – dshort
US Flash Manufacturing PMI – Markit (pdf)
US PMI Misses Expectations To 3-Month Lows; Orders And Employment Tumble – ZH

FX Forecast Update Danske Bank (pdf)
USD take-off postponed – not cancelled

Beginning the WeekRCS

Chart of the week: EM currencies and non-interventionbeyondbrics / FT

On This Day 15 Years Ago The LTCM Bailout Ushered In "Too Big To Fail"ZH

Nordean Kangasharju: Saksa saattaa taipua pankkikriisijärjestelyynTalSa
Saksassa Angela Merkelin puolueen voitto tarkoittaa, että juna jatkaa kulkuaan. Näin arvioi Nordean tutkimusjohtaja. Kun vaalit ovat ohi, Saksa saattaakin kääntää kelkkansa ja myöntyä pankkikriisien ratkaisurahaston perustamiseen.

Eurooppa sai vahvan emännänVesa Varhee / TalSa
Saksan liittokansleri Angela Merkel sai kansaltaan entistä tukevamman valtakirjan tehtäväänsä. Merkelin murskavoitto Saksan liittopäivävaalissa poisti eurokriisin hoidolta jarrun. Tulos antaa toivoa kriisin kääntymisestä parempaan. Kriisimaille ei kuitenkaan ole luvassa helppoja ratkaisuja.

Tutkija: Eurokriittisten menestys kiinni eurokriisin hoidostaVerkkouutiset