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Friday, September 20

20th Sep - Special: Fed's Non-tapering

The latest ones are added to the end. Update 21-Sep 20:00 GMT.

Fed Economic Projections: Myth vs. Reality (Sep 2013)dshort

When Fed Trims Bond Purchases, How Remains UndecidedWSJ
Recap: Fed Decision DayWSJ
Why Fed Hates the Word ‘Taper’WSJ
Why Tapering Mortgage Purchases May Not Be Reducing SupportWSJ
Fed Statement Following September MeetingWSJ
Four Takeaways on the Fed’s Economic and Rate ProjectionsWSJ
Fed Officials See Short-Term Rates At or Below 2.0% in 2016WSJ
Bernanke Warns That Lawmakers’ Budget Battles Could Tank EconomyWSJ
Recovery Caveats Support Fed’s Decision to Stand PatWSJ
Economists React: Fed ‘Was Clearly Spooked’WSJ
Bernanke Punts on All Questions Related to SuccessionWSJ
Forget 7% Unemployment as Fed GuidepostWSJ

The surprising value of not taperingFelix Salmon / Reuters

A surprise move from the FedDanske Bank (pdf)

Bernanke walks it backalphaville / FT
‘It seems that the Fed now understands that tapering is tightening’alphaville / FT

Fed Repudiates Its Own EconomistsBloomberg

(Lack Of) Inflation Killed The TaperForbes

Here’s something that wasn’t prepared earlieralphaville / FT

The Problem With the Federal Reserve's Möbius Strip Monetary PolicySlate

Why Didn't the Fed Begin Tapering?Economist’s View

The Fed Decides the Economy Still SucksNY Mag

Never underestimate the Fed’s dovishnessGavyn Davies / FT

Fed Disappoints, but Global Investors HappyMarc to Market

No taper – first take on the FOMC statementNordea
A few more thoughts on Fed taperingNordea

If not now, when? Buttonwood / The Economist

FOMC Projections and Press ConferenceCalculated Risk
A Few Comments on Bernanke Press Conference and Fed PolicyCalculated Risk

In Surprise, Fed Decides Not to Curtail Stimulus EffortDealBook / NYT
After Fed’s Announcement, Confusion and Relief on Wall StreetDealBook / NYT
The latest news out of Ben Bernanke and the Federal ReserveWonkblog / WP
Markets jump to record highs on Fed decision to keep stimulusWonkblog / WP
Why didn’t the Fed taper? Because Congress is horribleWonkblog / WP
Here’s what you need to know about that thing the Fed didn’t doWonkBlog / WP

No Taper; Stocks JumpWSJ
No Taper Shocks Wall Street: Fed ‘Running Scared’WSJ
No Taper: Five Takeaways for the MarketsWSJ
Four Takeaways on the Fed’s Economic and Rate ProjectionsWSJ
Fed Stays the Course on Easy MoneyWSJ
So, What Went Wrong?WSJ
At-a-Glance: Reactions to Fed’s InactionWSJ
The Fed’s No Taper in Five ChartsWSJ
Taper Doubters: Take a Bow. Hell, Take a HolidayWSJ

FOMC Statement Market ReactionZH
Fed Cuts Economic Growth Forecast ZH
Goldman Analyzes The Fed's "Unexpected" DecisionZH
Summarizing Today's Epic MovesZH

No Taper – YetTim Duy’s Fed Watch

Mohamed El-Erian: Why the Fed did not make it to the exitThe A-list / FT

The Fed: No Taper and Little ClarityCFR

Some Graphs on Fed PolicyThe Aleph Blog
Septaper surpriseFree exchange / The Economist

Chart of the Day: No bank Fed tighteningMacronomics

No Fed tapering means a weaker USDTradingFloor
Jakobsen: No taper 'doesn’t come as a shock'TradingFloor
Fed tapering: How did the markets get it so wrong?TradingFloor
Tapering news could 'trigger currency war'TradingFloor
The morning after......Post match analysis TradingFloor
Big Ben has spiked the punch bowl once againTradingFloor

Fed officials have been all over the map on ending QEWonkblog / WP

FX Math: Lending Conditions Key to Fed DecisionWSJ
Five Pieces of Advice for Next Fed ChairWSJ
Fed Lesson of the Week: Listen to What Bernanke Says. Period.WSJ
Fed Uncertainty Now Top Driver of Treasury YieldsWSJ

Different answers to your questions about the momentous Fed decision to delay taperingFabius Maximus

Has the Fed given the all-clear to put our bull horns back on?The Telegraph
Fed recoils from 1937 tightening error as jobs evaporateThe Telegraph
Missing the forest for the QEsFree exchange / The Economist 
Fed tells markets: There is no certaintyReuters
Nimbleness and an ability to adapt to change are hallmarks of resilient institutions and societies.

EM shorts: hammeredbeyondbrics / FT
Post-Fed EM chartbookbeyondbrics / FT
Fed inaction buys time, not cure, for Asiabeyondbrics / FT
Taper shocker Wednesday: a round-up of EM reactionsbeyondbrics / FT
Fed Sparks Emerging Markets Party, But It’s Unlikely to LastWSJ
Asian (Positive) Contagion - EM FX, Bonds, Stocks SurgingZH

Impact Of Fed Taper Schizophrenia On Emerging MarketsForbes

Fed Mouthpiece Hilsenrath Says Fed Failed To CommunicateZH

Market Unhappy After Bullard Suggests Possible OctaperZH
Fed’s Bullard: Small Taper Possible in OctoberWSJ
Fed’s Bullard: Made Sense Not to Taper in SeptemberWSJ
Bullard Sees No Asset Bubble... Because All Previous Bubbles Were "No Secret"ZH
Bullard Admits Tapering Is Tightening: "Stock" Is Dead, Long Live The "Flow"ZH
Fed’s George: Decision Not to Taper Raises Risks, Clouds CredibilityWSJ