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Thursday, September 26

26th Sep - US Open

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Euro area credit contraction continues Danske Bank (pdf)
The monthly loan flows show there is no turning point yet…we expect a new LTRO when excess liquidity has declined so much that it pushes the short market rates towards the refi rate, likely to happen late this year or early next year.

Eurozone monetary data supports new LTRO soonTradingFloor
August monetary data for the euro area shows that credit contraction continues. In light of ECB president Mario Draghi's recent promise that a new round of LTRO-loans could be made available to banks here are some of the possible scenarios.

IMF revives idea of eurozone 'rainy day fund'euobserver

Making the internal electricity market workBruegel
Why the economic pressure to create a comprehensive internal energy market is building

Sweden: Credit growth will soon be dampened – Nordea
Swedish trade balance: Exports remain weak – Nordea

Meet the new idiots, same as the… actually these idiots might be worsealphaville / FT
The dispute between Republicans and Democrats this year is worse than it was in 2011, when they actually agreed on a few things…RBC: The Treasury will run out of borrowing room around Oct 17 and have cash to squeak by until Oct 31…crossing the debt ceiling would be catastrophic.

Failure to start tapering risks bringing on a bubbleThe A-list / FT

The Financial Market Effect of FOMC MinutesThe Big Picture
US banks have returned to record profit levels, while their European peers are struggling to stay above the zero line at all. The differences are mainly driven by diverging trends in revenues, corporate lending growth and loan loss provisions all of which have developed much more favourably in America than in Europe.

Bank performance in the US and Europe: An ocean apartDB Research
Whereas before the financial crisis, both US and European banks reported record profit levels, only US banks are beating those nowadays, while their European peers are struggling to sustainably stay above the zero line at all.

Yhteisten tekijöiden löytäminenHenri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro

Ne bis in idem – saivartelua rötösherrojen hyväksiOsmo Soininvaara

Supo haluaa irti poliisijohdostaHS

Teollisuuden jalostusarvo laski 5 prosenttia vuonna 2012Tilastokeskus