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Thursday, September 12

12th Sep - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
Daily Risk Monitor – Global Macro Monitor
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: Precious Metals Monkey-Hammered As Equity Winning Streak Ends With A Thud – ZH

Italy floated plans to leave euro in 2011, says ECB insiderThe Telegraph
Draghi's Termination Of Berlusconi Explained: Sylvio Threatened To Leave EuroZH
Silvio Berlusconi seriously floated plans to pull Italy out of the euro in October/November 2011, precipitating his immediate removal from office and decapitation by EMU policy gendarmes.

Euro Area Finance Ministers Meet Tomorrow: No ExitMarc to Market
Reports suggest the ECB has discussed a new long-term repo operation (LTRO)…Existing aid programs for Greece and Cyprus will be discussed…A Troika mission is headed for Portugal next week… Meanwhile, the ECB continues to wage a quiet campaign for ESM assistance for Slovenia.

ECB Vs European Commission Over Deficit ReductionWSJ
In a study published in the bank’s monthly bulletin, the ECB outlined several critiques of how the Commission now assesses deficit-reduction efforts.

Merkel's Mounting ImbalancesZH
Merkel may find rebalancing the German economy, as its reliance on exports increases, harder than ever.

Germany is being crushed by its export obsessionThe A-list / FT
If Germany’s economic model is the future of Europe, we should all be quite troubled. But that is where we seem to be going.

Fed Tapering May Not Equal Dollar StrengthWSJ

US multifactor productivity growth, charted, prognosticatedalphaville / FT

Don’t Blame Fed for Emerging Market WeaknessWSJ

EMEA Weekly, Week 38Danske Bank (pdf)

Guest post: negative sentiment on EM is overblownbeyondbrics / FT

EM debt – still alive and kickingbeyondbrics / FT

This Day in Crisis History: Sept. 12, 2008WSJ

After Lehman: What Was Your Five-Year Plan?WSJ

The Financial Crisis Five Years LaterUS Treasury
Response, Reform, and Progress In Charts

No, Economics Is Good for Lots of ThingsNoahpinion

Five Years On, Confidence Still Lacking in Conflicted Ratings SystemWSJ

Embracing Wynne Godley, an Economist Who Modeled the CrisisNYT

Washington & Wall Street: Lehman Brothers and the Failure of RegulationBreitbart

History of the Financial Crisis: Mid-2007 to 2010The Big Picture

Hetkeni kokoomusnuorenaHS

Ykkösaamu: Onko kokoomusnuorista tullut perussuomalaisten puisto-osasto?YLE

Tämä on yksityisen sektorin kriisiTE

Eläkeneuvottelut alkavat näillä näkymin marraskuussaAL

Hallitus ja pankit eri mieltä pankkikriisien ratkaisemisen ylimmästä päätösvallastaVerkkouutiset

Europarlamentti tukee yhteistä pankkivalvontaaVerkkouutiset

Suomalaisille oikeus hakeutua hoitoon muihin EU-maihinVerkkouutiset
Myös muista EU-maista tulevat potilaat voisivat hakea terveyspalveluja Suomesta. Direktiivi velvoittaa kohtelemaan näitä henkilöitä samalla tavalla kuin suomalaisia....tulossa voimaan vuoden 2014 alusta.