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Sunday, June 14

14th Jun - W/E: Linkfest

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Finland's marathon man faces long haul with eurozone's other stragglerThe Telegraph
Erkki Liikanen, Finland's central bank governor, says the country will need stamina if it is to dig its way out of its "grave" situation

Finland's Problem Is The Same As Greece's; Neither Should Be In The Euro As Krugman SaysForbes

Why It’s Getting Hard to Keep the Euro DownWSJ

Portugal: Concluding Statement of the Second Post-Program Monitoring Discussions - IMF
Stephen Pope: Putting the boot into Italy TF
EU Foreign Ministers May Extend Russia Sanctions Without Debate WSJ

The how, what, when and why of Greek capital controls – Open Europe
Greece: The Confrontational End-Game Is Here – PIIE
Greece defies creditors’ demands for decisions on reform – FT
Greece Looks To Trade Concessions For Writedowns As Standoff Continues – ZH
Greece’s Last-Ditch Talks Aim at Agreement Before Monday – BB
Salvation to Catastrophe: What Might Happen to GreeceBB
Keeping Greece in the Euro May Have Nothing to Do With Finances – BB
Greece 'Suddenly’ Submits A ‘Plan’ – ZH
Wolfgang Münchau: Greece has nothing to lose by saying no to creditorsFT
Greece Talks ‘Did Not Succeed’ as Focus Shifts to EuroGroup – BB
‘Last try’ Greek bailout talks halted as Athens team walks out – FT
Why Greece Should Reject the Latest Offer From Its Creditors – FP
Greece says ready to resume talks, bridge gap with creditors – Reuters

FOMC Preview: No Rate Hike – Bill McBride
Goldman Sachs: FOMC Preview – Bill McBride

Europe now vs Japan a decade ago, SPX upside next few weeksGlobal Macro Trading

The Month In ChartsAlpha Now
Market volatility has returned, specifically to the European fixed-income markets. European Central Bank president Mario Draghi’s message? Get used to it. Greece, of course, contributed to the uncertainty. Meanwhile, European inflation ticked higher, also a possible factor.

5 Charts From the Week in MarketsWSJ

Trade defeat casts doubt on EU-U.S. deal – Politico
House casts gloom over Obama trade agenda – Politico
Obama’s Trade Defeat Imperils U.S. Credibility in Asia – FP
Will the Australian Government Walk Away from the TPP? – Yves Smith

Cross-Country Analysis of Housing Finance and Real Estate Booms – imfDirect
Housing Finance and Real-Estate Booms : A Cross-Country Perspective – IMF
The exchange rate, asymmetric shocks and asymmetric distributions – ECB
Fiscal multipliers and beyond – ECB
European Central Bank Economists Find That Austerity Works – WSJ
What has driven inflation dynamics in EZ, UK, USECB
Should we aim for budget surpluses? – Simon Wren-Lewis
Welcome to the dark side: GDP revision and the non-observed economy – Bruegel

Jan Hurri: Talouseliitti talkoissa – tulosta vai tunarointia?TalSa
Talkoilla voi hyvässä lykyssä syntyä hyvääkin jälkeä, mutta joskus talkoolaisten toheloinnista koituu enemmän haittaa. Sama riski on talouseliitin palkkatalkoissa. Pomojen palkka-alessa voi olla hyvää yritystä – mutta on siinä tunaroinninkin aineksia.

Pauli Vahtera: Sosiaalisen asuntotuotannon voitot suuremmat kuin SupercellinIL

Perussuomalaiset on uusi porvarillinen työväenliikeSK