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Friday, June 5

5th Jun - Good US job-data

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Leaked: Greece’s new debt restructuring plan – FT
This Greek Epic Will Run And Run – WSJ
Eurozone: Final deadline postponed again - Carsten Brzeski
Europe’s Last Act? – Project Syndicate
Greece postpones IMF payment; snap elections possible – Reuters
Bundling IMF Payments Buys Greece Time, But Now What? – WSJ
Greece Raises Stakes in Showdown as Payment to IMF Deferred – BB

The May Jobs Report – The Numbers – WSJ
Strong US Jobs Data Sends Greenback Higher – Marc Chandler
+280K Jobs In May, Higher Than Expected, Yellen Gets Green Light To Hike – ZH
"Good" Jobs Reports Sparks Market Turmoil As Rate Hike Draws Closer – ZH
U.S. job growth surges – Reuters
Dollar gains, U.S. stock futures drop after U.S. jobs data – Reuters

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Douglas’ Take: Britons Unfazed by Low Inflation * Jobs Report Not Likely to Trigger June Rate Hike * Tarullo: Economy “Lost Some Momentum * Greece and Its Creditors Agree On Some Measures * Bank of Mexico Leaves Rates Unchanged

Daily MacroWSJ
With the EU, IMF and Greece again finding a way to avert a looming crisis over a debt payment due to the IMF Friday, a risk factor has been removed from investors’ dashboard. Now, they just have to get through the U.S. jobs report, which could prove pivotal in deciding whether and when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this year. If that doesn’t bother markets too much, investors could be inclined to make a day of it, giving them an opportunity to move beyond the extreme volatility seen in bond markets this week.

Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
Morning MoneyBeat EuropeWSJ
Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Another solid US jobs report today * Bond scarcity is no reason for yields not to rise * SEK shows continued strength

Morning MarketsTF

Daily FX CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar and Syriza Push Back

Daily ShotTF
Friday's Opec summit is not expected to produce any drastic news, but it would appear that the recovery in crude is fragile enough to falter even if the current production landscape persists.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Vast majority of UK public undecided on EU referendum vote – reform essential for swing vote * Greece to bundle payments to the IMF as hopes for quick deal recede * Merkel confident of UK deal and willing to consider Treaty changes * Bundesbank raises growth forecast for Germany *  

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Futures Slump, Bund Selling Resumes With All Eyes On The Jobs Number

FX UpdateTF
The train wreck in European sovereign bond markets is hopefully over for euro bears after yesterday’s climactic further spike, but then subsequent sharp reversal lower in yields. If so, this will allow the market to feel the full impact of any surprises from today’s US employment report.

From the FloorTF
Remember the beginning of the week, when speculators were telling us that a Greek deal was essentially done? Well we were younger then, and far less wise. At the moment, things seem tense and ready to erupt over world markets – and with the US NFP print waiting in the wings, it could prove an interesting session.

Suomi: Taantuma vai lama? | USA:n toukokuun työllisyysluvut julkaistaan tänään | Kreikka lykkää IMF-lainojen takaisinmaksua

Suomen pankin muistio: Työajan pidennys kasvattaisi BKT:ta jopa 11 miljardia euroaHS
Työntekijät varoittavat työajan pidentämisen voivan johtaa työttömyyden kasvuun