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Monday, June 29

29th Jun - Panic dip bought eagerly

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As Crisis Deepens, Eurozone Critics Are VocalWSJ

2 paragraphs that explain the Greek financial crisisvox

We need a mechanism for sovereign debt crisis resolutionLars Christensen

Greece: Markets React — Live – WSJ
Live – Greece imposes capital controls – FT
Barry Eichengreen: Path to Grexit tragedy paved by political incompetenceConversation
Would there (will there?) be contagion from Grexit?Tyler Cowen
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Europe’s Empress stays silent – Politico
Grexit and the ghost of Honecker – Politico
Grexit - what if? Greek referendum changes the game – Danske Bank
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Greece: Analyst views on capital controls, bank holidaysFT

Charles Wyplosz: Grexit: The staggering cost of central bank dependence – VoxEU
Greece: Game Over? – Robert Kahn
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Europe’s 4 Greek Plan B’s – Politico
The Sell Side Reacts To Europe's "Lehman Weekend"ZH

Greek Stocks Crash 17% As European Banks Plunge Most In 3 Years – ZH
Joseph Stiglitz: Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy – Project Syndicate
Great Graphic: IMF and Sovereign Exposures to GreeceMarc Chandler
Greece: from default to Grexit? – Bruegel
Paul Krugman: Greece Over the BrinkNYT

Juhani Huopainen: What happens after the Grexit and what to watch out forTF
GreeceTony Yates
El-Erian: The Graccident, as captured by the FT’s front page – FT
ECB Threatens With Greek Deposit Haircut On Wednesday – ZH
Greek Crisis: What's Next After Capital Controls? – ZH

Varoufakis’ intervention in 27th June Eurogroup MeetingYanis Varoufakis
Gideon Rachman: Europe’s dream is dying in GreeceFT
A failed euro would define Angela Merkel’s legacy – FT
Explainer: If Greece leaves the euroFT
Wolfgang Münchau: Tsipras right to walk away, a momentous decisionFT

Europe tells Greeks — this is a vote on the euro – FT
Greek bailout extension refused: economists give their verdict – The Guardian

Greece - implications for FedDanske Bank

US Labour Market MonitorDanske Bank
Tighter labour market to prompt September rate hike -

China: PBoC cuts interest rates by 25bpDanske Bank
At least timing appears influenced by stock market plunge

5 Questions About the PBOC’s Latest Easing MeasuresWSJ

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Blackstone’s Take: A Tale of Two Cities: Basel and Athens * Greece Orders Banks Closed, Imposes Capital Controls to Stem Deposit Flight * China Struggles to Balance Volatile Markets * BIS Warns of Overreliance on Monetary Policy * Fed’s George: Payments System Needs Improvement

Daily Macro WSJ
Greece Endgame in Sight; Markets Sell Off, Ignore China Rate Cut

Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
Greece Heads for Referendum

Morning MoneyBeat EuropeWSJ
Stocks Tipped to Wilt As Greece Deadlock Endures

Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ
Risk Aversion in Play as Greek Drama Intensifies

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Global Daily – ABN AMRO
ei oo vissii tält päivält

Euro rates updateNordea

Eye-Opener Nordea
Expect flight-to-quality - but no new financial crisis around the corner Expect lower German bond yields and wider peripheral yield spreads Expect a weaker EUR and a stronger CHF

Morning MarketsTF
As Greece descends into chaos, a risk-off tsunami sweeps markets, sending investors scurrying for safe havens including gold and the Japanese yen. And though Greece will certainly dominate sentiment all this week, watch out too for Thursday's US nonfarm payroll data because of its implications for Fed policy setting.

Daily FX CommentMarc Chandler
Markets Stabilizing after Initial Reaction

Daily ShotTF
Greece is likely to become the first "developed" economy to default to the IMF. Although Germany is the biggest EU economy, relative to the GDP it's Slovenia that has the largest exposure to Greece

Daily Press Summary Open Europe
Greece imposes capital controls ahead of referendum on creditors’ proposal
Brussels PlaybookPolitico

European Failures Coming Fast And Heavy Now


FX UpdateTF
Critical times for the euro as the Greek leadership and its creditors failed to make a deal over the weekend, leading to capital controls in Greece this week ahead of a weekend referendum on continuing the bailout programme.

From the Floor TF
Greece's game of dare has been ratcheted up to yet another level. What's next? 

Kreikkalaisilla edessään vain huonoja vaihtoehtoja | Kreikka varastaa huomion tilastojulkistuksilta | Kiinan keskuspankki leikkasi ohjauskorkoaan

”Euro on 1800-luvun valuutta”US

Talousnobelisti arvioi Kreikkaa: euro oli karmaiseva virheVerkkouutiset

Kreikka on totuus EuroopastaAntti Ronkainen

Henri Myllyniemi: Euron toinen epäonnistuminenUS

Peliteoria pyörittää Kreikkaa Jouko Marttila

Elina Lepomäki: Kreikka ja euro: ongelmia ja oikeita ongelmiaUS