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Thursday, June 25

25th Jun - Last weekend for Greece

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Euro area governance: an assessment of the “five presidents” reportBruegel

Yves Mersch: On European Unity: Economic and Institutional Challenges Facing EuropeECB

Greek drama poses long-term risk for euroFT
Concern that fundamental flaw of single currency exposed

Martin Sandbu: UK would have fared better inside the eurozoneFT
Britain’s membership would have tilted ECB policy towards growth during crisis

Nordic Outlook - June 2015Danske Bank
Leaked: Greece bailout plan sent to eurogroup – FT
Leaked: Creditors’ counterproposal to Athens – FT
Best way forward a major debt restructuring and a ‘hard’ budget constraint – Europp
Mohamed El-Erian: Potholes in the road to resolving the Greek crisis – FT
Creditors issue bailout ultimatum to Greece – FT
Europe needs Greece – Politico
Northern Eurozone Members Need to be Honest on Greeceeuinside
Do Greeks Even Need Greek Banks? – WSJ
Paul Krugman: Breaking GreeceNYT
Tiny Greece’s Threat to Currency Credibility Is Why It Matters – BB
Greece: when populism fails – Europp
Europe strikes back: It seems to be trying to push Greece out of the euro – WaPo
Greece and the politics of brinksmanship – Brookings

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Fireworks Watch in Early July for the Federal Reserve * Fed’s Yellen Headed Back to Capitol Hill in Mid-July * Fischer: Fed Wants Industry to Weigh In On Stress Tests * PBOC Cash Injection May Dim Hopes for Stronger Easing * Fragile Greek Banks Leave Little Room for Tsipras

Daily MacroWSJ
Greek Drama Continues, With Signals on Deal Mixed

Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
U.S. Stocks Pull Back as Greece Worries Resurface

Morning MoneyBeat Europe WSJ
Greek Deal Remains Elusive as Clock Ticks Down

Morning MoneyBeat US WSJ
Valuations and Rates Could Combine to Hurt Stocks

Danske Daily Danske Bank

Global DailyABN AMRO
Eurogroup meeting to resume Thursday amid differences between Greece and creditors
Germany’s Ifo business climate indicator declines, but economic prospects still good
US GDP growth contracted more modestly in Q1, while Q2 bounce is on the cards

Euro rates updateNordea

Eye-Opener Nordea
Another day of Greek drama Greece-induced rally in German bonds EUR/SEK still unable to break lower

Morning MarketsTF
Yesterday's session saw a choppy market ultimately underscore the theme of USD strength. While Greece is weighing on EURUSD, it is really policy divergence that's behind the recent USD bull run. Will today's data prove supportive?

Daily FX CommentMarc Chandler
Time for Some Elbow Grease

Daily Shot TF
The Eurozone continues to show signs of economic improvements – which once again should give it some comfort that it can absorb the shock, should the 'unthinkable' Grexit happen.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Cameron to formally pitch UK’s EU reform proposals to EU leaders amid support for renegotiation objectives from Ireland and Denmark

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Jittery Markets Seesaw With Every Greek Headline As Time Runs Out, China Replunges

Frontrunning ZH
FX Update TF (vissii vanha)
The US dollar saw a sharp comeback yesterday, led by a large dip in EURUSD, giving USD bulls some hope, though we’ve got more wood to chop if we’re to save this summer from the boredom of range trading.

From the Floor TF
Major FX pairs appear rangebound, but the spoiler could be Greece headline risks today.

Aamukatsaus Nordea
Amerikan tyyli palaamassa USA:n kuluttajiin | EU–maiden päämiehet kokoontuvat tänään huippukokoukseen | Saksan talouselämän luottamus (IFO) laski

Albert Mäntynen: Dosentti Wennbergin harhautusRevalvaatio

Jos Suomi olisi kokenut Kreikan hevoskuurin, keskipalkka olisi noin 2 000 euroaHS