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Monday, June 29

28th Jun - W/E: Linkfest (mostly Greece)

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Exhausted and Weary EU Is Looking for the Smallest Common Denominator of its Unityeuinside

The curse of the euroPolitico
How a single currency has enfeebled a great continent.

5 Greek scenarios – Politico
Why is Greek aid now €15.3bn instead of €7.2bn? – FT
Greece must be saved from political, economic and social collapse – FT
Greece: "A Lehman Weekend Is Indeed Underway" – Econmatters
Greeks caught between Scylla and Charybdis – The Economist
Paul Krugman: Europe’s Moment of Truth – NYT
Greece – the day after: Time for a fresh start? –
Goldman: Who Gets Stuck With The Bill When Greece Leaves – ZH
Greece’s crisis has almost reached the point of no return – WaPo
Greece: Plan B is not yet Plan ANordea
Greece to introduce capital controls, keep banks shut – Reuters
U.S. urges Europe, IMF to reach a deal to keep Greece in euro zone – Reuters
How much Greece owes to international creditors – Reuters
Factbox: Scenarios for Greece in the coming daysReuters
Euro Watch – Greece referendum: what next? – ABN AMRO
Euro Rates Weekly – Greek default fallout? – ABN AMRO

Here Are The Three Options Being Discussed In BrusselsZH
Failure to agree to bailout increases probability of Grexit – FT
Greece closer to euro exit as bailout extension rejected – FT
“The Eurogroup has been open until the very last moment…” – FT

Greek PM calls referendum on bailout plan – Politico
 “This Is A Sad Decision”: Europe Responds To The Greek Referendum – ZH
Greece heads toward euro exit, Eurogroup rejects extension – Politico
Greek parliament calls referendum – Politico
Greek Parliament Votes In Favor Of Referendum – ZH

ECB doesn’t cut off Greek banks, for today – Politico
“The Governing Council stands ready to reconsider its decision” – FT
Draghi Freezes ELA, Varoufakis "Looking At Capital Controls, Closing Banks" – ZH
ECB Says "Greek Bank Holiday Now Necessary" – ZH
ELA to Greek banks maintained at its current level – ECB
The ECB Suddenly Has A Huge Headache On Its Hands – ZH

Greece’s Weekend Curveball Creates ‘Worst Scenario for Risk’ – WSJ
Q&A: what options now for Greece’s strained banking system? – FT
Greece: bank analysts and eurowatchers on what to expect on Monday – FT
Greek Capital Controls Begin: Greek Banks, Stock Market Will Not Open On Monday – ZH

The end game or a new beginning? We have seen all this before – Lars Christensen
How the RECOVERY will look like when Greece leaves the euro – Lars Christensen
Behind Tsipras’s Grexit strategy – Politico
The curse of the euro – Politico
Greece: It’s Time (And It’s Going To Be Okay) – Mark Dow
Greek IMF Default May Trigger €131 Billion Payment On EFSF Loans – ZH

FX: safe haven?Nordea
How safe is EUR haven? Not safer than the JPY. The USD to gain if US Treasury yields suddenly become "high yield". The the CHF and DKK - ready to fight the central banks again?

Bulgaria ei kiirehdi euroon – tukipaketit eivät innostaTalSa

Kreikka ja kansanäänestys – taitava poliittinen veto Syrizalta – Tyhmyri
Henri Myllyniemi: Kansanäänestystä pukkaaUS
Kreikkaan kansanäänestys – pankkiautomaateilla ruuhkaa – Suomen Uutiset
Stubb: Kreikan ilmoitus kansanäänestyksestä oli epämiellyttävä yllätys – Verkkouutiset
Jari Korkki: Uskallammeko erota Kreikasta? – YLE
Sami Metelinen: Hallittu Grexit, tappioita vastaan – Verkkouutiset
Sami Miettinen: Euron tulevaisuus ilman Kreikkaa – US
Kreikka ei drakhmaan vaan kaaokseen – Roger Wessman
Näkökulma: Entä jos Kreikan johtajat eivät olekaan tunarijoukkio?Suomen Uutiset
Kriisi kärjistyy – näin Kreikka eroaisi eurosta – TalSa