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Friday, June 26

26th Jun - "The last weekend" begins

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EU Treaty change is preferable but it’s the substance that is crucialOpen Europe

Politics May Yet Save the EuroWSJ

The Five Horsemen (and One Horsewoman) of Europe’s Monetary ApocalypseWolf Street

Frances Coppola: How Many Presidents Does It Take To "Complete" The European Monetary Union?Forbes

Monetary developments in the euro area May 2015ECB
Euro zone bank lending to businesses still in the doldrumsReuters

Morality in the Greek crisisFrances Coppola
Mohamed El-Erian: IMF Would Be Other Casualty of Greek Default – View / BB
Leaked: Greece’s new bailout counterproposal – FT
Varoufakis rejects ‘anti-growth’ demands – Politico
View From The Street Before the Big Greek Weekender – WSJ

Europe: The final countdown? – TF
Decision time strikes for Greek enigma Tsipras – Reuters
Merkel, Hollande dangle financing before Greece's Tsipras – Reuters
EZ can help Greece repay debt in five-month bailout extension: document – Reuters
Could Greek Deal Be Bad For Eurozone Growth? – WSJ

All you need to know for crucial weekend – Open Europe
View From the Street Before the Big Greek Weekender – WSJ
Greece Rejects Bailout Extension, Tsipras Says "Won't Be Blackmailed" – ZH
Troika Offers Third Bailout Program, Prepares Emergency Plan If No Deal – ZH
Juhani Huopainen: Contagion from Greece: don't worry – yetTF

IMF to Fed: Drop the dots – Reuters
More Unsolicited Advice from the IMF – Marc Chandler

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Mixed Inflation Readings Complicate Fed’s Confidence Hurdle * Tarullo: Something’s Changed in the Bond Market * Any Deal on New Greek Bailout Funds Put Off Until Weekend * Lending to Eurozone’s Private Sector Rises in May * Brazil to Narrow Inflation Target Range to 3%-6%

Daily Macro WSJ
Greece Seen Capitulating on EU Demands; China Markets Bashed

Morning MoneyBeat Europe WSJ
Another Day, Another Greek Impasse

Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ
Small Caps Forecast to Lead Amid Better Economy

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Global DailyABN AMRO
Eurogroup ends without an agreement – next meeting likely on Saturday * Disagreement centres on pensions, VAT and corporate tax rate but can be bridge * US consumer spending accelerates signalling economic growth rebound

Euro rates update Nordea

Eye-Opener Nordea
No common ground on Greece yesterday either Yet one more Eurogroup meeting planned for Saturday How much did Swedes shop in the record-cold month of May?

Morning MarketsTF
Greek Prime minister Alexis Tsipras has nearly reached the end of the road caught in a mighty pincer movement with Angela Merkel and Christian Lagarde on one side and an increasingly angry constituency back home. Is his, and Greece's, time almost up?

Daily FX Comment – Marc Chandler
The Calm Before the Storm?

Daily Shot TF
As the Greek talks extend beyond all thought-to-be-final deadlines, a look at world markets provides mixed signals. Employment is on the rise in Japan while floudering in Brazil, and the Shanghai Composite has retraced 16% from its 2015 highs as US consumer spending picks up the pace

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Cameron kicks off EU renegotiation amid reports he has accepted Treaty change may not be possible prior to referendum

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Decapitated Head Found Pinned To Gate in French "Terrorist Attack"

Frontrunning ZH
FX Update TF
This weekend’s negotiations between Greece and its creditors look like the real zero hour for the country as the IMF payment deadline looms next Tuesday. Deal or no deal (or is there a third option: bridge financing and another month of talks)?

From the FloorTF
After the second attempt inside 24 hours to solve the Greek debt crisis failed, the Eurozone's finance ministers will regroup on Saturday for one final attempt. Germany's Angela Merkel says this meeting will be decisive and the deadline for a deal is Monday morning before markets open. Ahead of that moment, investors and traders are unwilling to commit to anything.

Aamukatsaus Nordea
Euro on sekaisin Kreikasta | Eiliset Kreikka-neuvottelut jäivät odotetusti ilman sopimusta | Britannian pääministeri Cameron esitteli odotettua maltillisempia tavoitteita EU-jäsenyydestä

Soini: Jos Kreikan velkoja helpotetaan, Espanja, Portugali jne vaativat samaaSuomen Uutiset

Mitä Kreikalle kannattaisi tehdä nytPeter Nyberg

AjanhukkaaHannu Visti